Okay. So apparently I have a few more things to fix about myself. Like, for instance, blabbing all of my problems to anyone who will listen. I have two best friends. One I never get to talk to and another that I do talk to, but, do to recent events, I have been steadily pushing her away. I don't mean to, however, I've been messing up. I really could shoot myself. Our friendship is worth too much to loose. I'm going to work on fixing myself. Even if it means I don't talk to much, or to as many people. I don't care. I can't believe she feels she cannot trust me... well... actually, I can. I need to fix that. I'm going to start by keeping my problems to myself. Especially if they have anything to do with us.... I feel like I'm dangling over the edge of a cliff and the wire that was supporting me is suddenly gone. That's how her loss would feel.. I couldn't do it without her.