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The Past, The Silver Mug
The sun shone its last rays over the guarden. The summer smells of sweet grass and tiger lilies that dotted the knolls rolled over the village. She walked slowly, enjoying the last rays, and watching the small crest of the moon rise over the mountains behind. She turned just as the sun dipped below the horizon, with a secondary flash of green. Then dusk fell, and the stars twinkled happly in the inky black sky.

Sevina turned to watch the moon rise higher, its soft light dieing the clouds a bright silver. She smiled when she heard the familiar footsteps behind her. Her deep blue eyes glittered with warmpth as his soft hand slipped up her arm, turning her slowly. She felt a light summer breeze flow over her soft golden and red fur. Her tall pointed ears flicked out of a veil of golden hair. It flowed in soft golden rays down her back. Her long thick tail swirled around her leggs as she looked up at his stunning face.

It was like it was chisled out of marble, with a firm chin, and deep dark eyes. He had raven colored hair that fell long and loose down his back, rippling like liquid onix in the wind. His skin was lightly tanned, from his training day in and out in the arena. “I missed you.” He whispered into her ear, as he trailed a finger lightly over her jaw. She smiled gently, “its only been a day.” She said with a low musical voice.

He laughed lightly. “And it was the hardest day of my life.” His huskey voice sent a ripple of lightning down her spine. “You say that every day.” She whispered back. “I mean it each time.” He said even lower. His kiss was light at first. Lingering, but there combined hunger deepend the kiss, leaving Sevina breathless.

He ran his fingers through her exquised hair. “I’ve done something for you, my love.” Asriel spoke slowly, not quite sure she would take it well, but the way her eyes flashed when watching gladiators in the arena, he hoped she would understand.

“Ive opend the throne up for us. I want you next to me, I want you as my empress, marry me.” He said kissing her again, but she stiffend, he allowed her to pull away.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Sevina asked him, looking at him with confusion.

“I cleared the way for us, little moon, I got rid of my parents, for you, for us. He didn’t understand, he disapproved of you, of what you where. And mother agreed. I got rid of them. I couldn’t stand there talk anymore. I don’t care what you are, it doesn’t matter.” He said, feeling behind his words.

Sevina didn’t say anything, she knew, she had seen it, he had opened his mind to her, when he spoke, and she was speechless, anger, and fear hissing through her. But her skin still longed for him. Her body cryed out for his touch. “No.” She said, tears stinging her eyes. “No I cant, it would be wrong.”

“I did it for you! For us! Cant you understand?” He cryed at her, reaching for her. She turned, avoiding his touch. This angered him. She had never denyed him. Not once, no one had, and it boiled his blood. “Sevina?” He spoke deathly quiet.

She turned to him, the emotion burning behind her eyes, pain, hurt, and betrayal. “You murdered your parents, for what, for a woman? What would happen if you found another? Would you simply get rid of me? Kill me?” She asked in a soft whisper.

Pain seared through Asriel. “Never…” He said, tho he knew now his mistake, he shouldn’t have told her. Took more time in clearing the throne. He looked at her, too afraid to admit what was happening. “Please…” He asked, begged, reaching for her. But she was turning away. He flew to anger, grabbing her around the shoulders, he shook her, he didn’t mean to, not this hard.

Sevina felt her teeth clash together at the shake, she cryed out in pain. Her body protected her, he was thrown from her body, already bruises on her arms, she could feel them, and maybe a fracture, he was a strong man. Sevina had landed on her knees, one arm hanging limply. Her eyes shone in shock and fear, melting into anger. No man had ever handled her such.

He was shocked as well, and he scrambled to hold her, to apologise. But she already was standing, fury and sudden hate shone in her eyes. He had emotionally hurt her, as well as physically, all withen ten minutes. Both where shocked, both confused. “Sevina please, Im sorry.”

“Im not, Asriel, you have finaly shown me who you are.” She said turning her back on him. Her left hand holding her limp right arm. It was dislocated. She was sure. “You’ve betrayed your country, and touched me, wrongly.” She said walking away.

He felt pain, only, for the longest time. Confusion and sorrow. He tried for months, to apologies, grovel. She ignored him. Or tried to. He was on her mind for so long. Finaly both grew cold, and forgot what emotion was. Loathed even the thought of love. Hated others for finding what they lost.

Sevina the She-Fox

Asriel the Scythe Emperor.

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