Do to the increase in totally mean pranks governments across the world have decided that next year they will outlaw this holiday. So enjoy your pranking today because it will be your last. In honor of this newly deceased holiday today's entry shall be dedicated to it.

One theory about the origins of this holiday date back to when the Gregorian calender was introduced in France. This moved the New Year from March 25-April 1 to January 1. Since news traveled slow back then some people didn't know about the change till years later. Other people rebelled against the change and continued to celebrate the new year on April 1. People who accepted the change looked at the others as fools. They began playing pranks on these people. This became known as April Fish because young fish were said to be easily caught. One trick was to hook paper fish to the backs of people.

In England it is thought to be bad luck to play tricks after noon.

PS: April Fools! They aren't taking away our foolish day! Have fun but be nice.