Why do I bother posting anything in the forums? Seriously. There is exactly ONE thread in the whole kit-n-kaboodle where I post regularly, one where NO ONE gives me any crap, no one calls me names or makes me feel like a lesser human being... and it's a thread where we talk about underwear. WTF's up with that! *lol* Seriously, I cannot post in the forums without someone quoting me and then telling me I'm a lousy human being or something similar. I want to comment back, but at the same time, I don't want to feed the trolls. I'm torn between treating them with the same "respect," spelling out my intentions as nicely as I can, or just replying with, "TROOOOOOOOOOOL IN THE DUNGEON!!!" *snort* I dunno, I just don't get it. It's bad enough I'm constantly misconstrued IRL, but to come onto Gaia to screw about and relax and be treated like shite here too? Guh. Seriously, why do I bother? I can't even make a JOKE in the effing Chatterbox without someone quoting me and telling me I'm being discriminatory and mean and I must not have any friends. It's like my avatar has a target on her forehead or something. I'm a magnet for douchebaggery. Why is that?

Free cookies for life to whomever can help me out on that one.