Guy:Longing for you isn't something that..... comes to mind, rather it comes to mind every 5 minuets or so. Maybe... back then, I could care less that you wanted to be with me. I took that for granted somewhat. but now....... hahahahaha..... its interesting how things change, and the biggest fear is losing you. not just pretty, but the most amazing and gorgeous girl I have ever met. so Yeah. I'm pretty sure that giving you a chance, was at best, the most b a d a s s decision I have ever done. I'd follow you wherever to heaven or hell, even pizza hutt without question. I love you so much, I will protect you when it counts... My treasure. <3
Guy:I don't think I can ever like you. I will never ever adore you. but.... I will love you. I love you..... with an amount that is not humanely possible to measure my sweet.
I would never ever hurt you. Never. At first, it seemed like a promise I prolly couldn't keep... But now I'm ready to. I will never do anything like that... I love and care about you too much. And if I ever do.... I can never forgive myself... Never. Never ******** ever.
Girl:I hope you wouldn't.
Guy:Me too... and in the unfortunate case of it..... I'd seriously... never forgive myself...
Girl: Really?
Guy:Your the bestest Motherf***ing thing thats happened to me in two years.... <3
Girl:Yeah. and your probably the best thing thats happened to me ever.
Guy razz rove it.
Girl:I've loved you since we got together. Before you were sure about ever loving me, and every minute I was with you it kept growing stronger. Even if you didn't know it. Every time we talk I end up loving you more. I end up loving you more with each passing day. I know we've only been together for almost a month. but I feel closer to you than I have to anyone. I'm not afraid to tell you anything. I know I can just be myself around you. I don't hold back like I did when we first started going out. You really do mean the world to me. If I lose you I don't know what I'd do with myself. I'm lost without you. When I'm not with you I always miss you like crazy. I love you so much. more than I love myself. hehe!
Guy:wtf? XDDDD I totally don't deserve you.... OMG... wow... smile
Guy:I have to say.... I... consider myself... the luckiest motherf***er of all the world...
Girl:Why's that?
Guy:Because I have someone like you. <3
Girl:But I'm nothing special.
Guy:STFU thats my line love!!! <3
Girl:Well I guess now its my line...
Guy:Its my line love, its not yours. Its mine.
Girl:But there is nothing special about me at all!!!
Guy:Name one thing special about me, and I'll do teh same.
Girl:Your personality. I've never met anyone with as wonderful a personality as yours is.
Guy:Well your sute. and awesome. And short. And spectacular. WHAT WHAT NOW!??!?! I PWNED YOU. your special.
Girl:Yes I'm short, everyone knows that. But thats nothing special. haha. that just means your tall.
Guy:Yes it is. Its awesome that your short. Its funny that you complain that your short lol!
Guy:My personality is s**t lol.
Girl:Thats not true. I really love your personality!
Guy:Whats so special about it? lol
Girl:Everything is special. Your personality makes you funny, it makes you weird, makes you like the things you like now. It grows everyday, more and more making you who you have come to be today. and I will love everything thats to come. I love you my one special love.
Guy:lol..... The only one I can be myself around, the only one whom makes me feel like I can do anything... At fist I didn't think of us like this, I was like "huh finally. Its about time you loser:p" Now, things have changed.... and.... I love you.
Guy:I love you I love you I love you. OMG I could say it over and over, and it still doesn't fully represent how I feel about you...
Girl: yeah I figured you thought something like that at first. I mean I've liked you since the first dance. I guess just now finally getting the nerve to ask you was a long wait. But I just couldn't deal with rejection thats why it took so long. I liked you too much and hoped you'd like me back. I'm really glad that you have come to love me so much. I love you.
Guy:LOL now I wanna know why you talked to me at the dance? like why me?
Girl:For some reason I just had a good feeling about you. now I know what that feeling was. lol. As some people may call it... love at first sight?
Girl:Yes. I mean that.
Guy:Are you serious? XD
Girl:Yes my love.
Guy:So you just saw and instantly like, OMFG i love you?
Girl:Yeah basically. heh. if thats not a bad thing.
Guy:Its weird!!! lol but actually, twas really.... good timing lol
Girl: what do you mean it was good timing love? I don't get it.
Guy:I don't get it either.
Guy:I was about to leave.
Guy:The dance.
Girl:Why didn't you?
Guy:Your fault lol. you asked me to dance.
Girl:But i thought you asked ME to dance.?
Guy:WHAT NO YOU ASKED ME!! XD your the one who walked up to me!!!
Girl:Oh. I think I remember that now.
Girl:Sorry i can't remember that far back really.
Guy:Lol its ok!!
Girl: ok. I'm glad. lol!