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Cat's Journal, Stoires, Poems etc.
This is where I'll be writing in all my rough drafts, final works and some random journal entires. Please comment on my stoires, your opinon matters the most.
Reddest Wine Chapter 1 ((Finished))
New York City. The city that never sleeps. The city where the most present danger was being pick pocketed by a stranger. But what most people don’t know about the city is that there is hatred older than the oldest buildings of the city, and that hatred is about to snap and break all hell upon the unsuspected humans of New York City.

Chapter 1

It was night, the lights of New York City dancing in the air over the heads of people walking, talking and laughing. The sounds of traffic were all around, cab drivers yelling and shouting at each other over things they would forget about the next morning.

A girl was walking along the sidewalk the heels of her black boots making a low click as she walked quickly. She stopped to wait a crosswalk wait for the light to change, people gathering around waiting for it to change as well. She was tall, her figure lean not unlike a runway model. Her face had soft features, and really fair. Her wide eyes were the startling color of dark blue, almost royal blue. Her face was surrounded by layers of straight hair color of bright copper, cut sharp and short so that bangs covered one of the startling blue eyes. The young lady was wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket. Underneath she sported dark purple thin strapped tank top. Black leather pants cleanly tucked into high black heeled boots. Dangling on her thin wrist was a dark blue gemmed bracelet with delicate silver trims. Right under her collar bone laid a black sapphire within a silver trim of a Victorian heart, the silver chain stringing itself around her slender neck. Her eyes were darkened by a light touch of black eye shadow and long dark lashes. The light changed and the mass of people began to walk across the street quickly. The girl kept walking a while down the sidewalk, pulling out a card from her pocket as she turned down an alley flipping the card over and over between her fingers. There was a little staircase going down to a basement of a large and popular record store.
Clear and bright neon lights declared that this hidden place was a dance club; restaurant and bar, the girl knocked on the door and a man opened it, looking rough like every other security guard for the numerous clubs in New York City. The calm girl flashed the card at the guard from the pocket of her jacket. The guard looked at it his face hard. He then stepped aside for the young lady. Just before the girl could take a step inside, a woman’s voice called from the ally above “Jacxie!” the clacking of heels running toward the steps followed the voice and another girl appeared at the top of the steps her breathing was labored. “Taylor?” The girl named Jacxie stated in surprise. Taylor walked down the steps electric purple heels clicking all the way. Taylor was wearing a short, tight thin strapped black dress with a long white trench coat that reached her calves. She had a similar figure as Jacxie but with slightly more curves. Her face was sharp, her skin a light tan, eyes a soft brown with the slightest hint of gold. Long dark brown loose curls framed her pretty face. Taylor hugged Jacxie tightly. “I saw you turn down the alley, and thought I would join you.” Taylor smiled as well as Jacxie as she playfully nuzzled the soft brown hair. “Glad you could make it.” Jacxie looked at the other girl’s daring outfit. “Did you just get done at the office?” A smirk crossed Jacxie’s face. “Or did you just finish a date with Steven?” Jacxie giggled as she and her friend walked in through the door, music pulsing in the room down another flight of stairs.

The planning of the underground structure contained two large rooms, one smaller room, and then space for large bathrooms. One large room was to the left of the entrance that was the large restaurant slash bar. And down stairs was the club’s dance floor along with another bar.

The two pretty girls turned left and headed into the restaurant and got a table near the door feeling the pulse of the music under their heel clad feet. Taylor’s face screaming with mischief. “No but I will be meeting him here, maybe later tonight.”
The brown haired girl called out their drink orders to a waiter before turning back to the redhead. “Ok I need help; I’m assigned to write an article on the vampire image in New York’s subculture.” The young male waiter brought their drinks. “And I have no idea what that is.” Taylor sighed and took a sip of the lemon water she ordered, leaning back against the cushioned round chair. Jacxie rose an eyebrow smiling. “The vampire image in New York City subculture is the image of danger, lust and immortal beauty.” Jacxie smirked “Ask anyone.” Jacxie said leaning forward sipping her soda, Taylor smiled, both girls laughed. “God, Twilight moment!” Taylor squealed. “God that book is old.” Jacxie remarked in exasperation, Taylor looked at Jacxie, dido for Jacxie to Taylor, then the two women started laughing.


The room was dim, lights pulsing with the deafening music. The air smoldering from the heat of the dancing men and women, both levels crowded in the large, concrete basement. On the seconded level close to the edge, Jacxie was dancing with a couple of men younger than her, enjoying herself as she enticed them with her dancing. Laughing she looked over checking in on her friend seeing her in a crowded corner with her date Steven, a tall muscular guy who looked about Taylor’s age. All that Jacxie could see of the guy from where she was dancing was his ash brown hair. She giggled as she realized they were necking. Then turned her attention back to the boys on either side of her.

Time went by as a blur as the girls dance and drank, colors blurring together, music pounding in their sensitive ears. Jacxie glanced at her friend again as she was sipping on a light beer flirting with two new guys one with his sweaty hand on her waist, maybe a couple years older than her. Taylor and the man with the brown hair were now on the dance floor dancing hip to hip. Jacxie, satisfied turned her back to them to talk to the two men. Unaware of the dark eyes, staring at the back of her head.

There was a crash behind her and she turned and saw her friend on the floor in a fit of drunken giggles a ring of people around her. Jacxie sighed and walked away from the boys. She helped her friend stand up, Steven was helping by holding Taylor up as she giggled slurring her words when she spoke. “Jacxie, ain’t Steven here just so cutie.” She giggled, Jacxie rolled her eyes. “Taylor you need to control your drinking habits.” Her voice was slightly cold and irritated as she picked up her jacket sliding it on while Taylor’s slid off her shoulders as she giggled.

She looked at Taylor’s date and stood in her tracks. He looked like he could not even old enough to enter this building; he looked about eighteen at the youngest. He looked at her, his eyes the stunning color of a rainy day. He looked like he was fighting himself, his handsome face tight. “Hey, are you taking her home?” He asked his voice deep and slightly rough. Jacxie shook her head to clear it. “I don’t think I can, she lives way out of my way.” “How about you do you?” “Think you could take her home?” She asked, Taylor giggling like a mad woman against Steven’s tanned shoulder. He smiled toward Jacxie. “Sure I can take her with a cab and get her into bed, and I promise I won’t do anymore than is needed.” He chuckled as they started walking up the steps to the door out. Someone following close behind.

Taylor’s slurring became more understandable once she started breathing the cool city air. Though Jacxie didn’t think it was that clean to be exactly the cure for her friend’s drunken state. She handed Steven money for the cab fee, telling the driver the address of Taylor’s out of city home, he had already carefully put the drunken girl in the taxi cab. He waved at her and climbed in with Taylor. Jacxie waved them off pounding the trunk to tell the driver to go. The driver squealed out into the street, the smell of burned tire hit Jacxie’s nose and she fanned herself as she started down the sidewalk.

She climbed up the iron gate of the old Marble Cemetery, deciding to take it as a short cut thinking she would get to her apartment faster this way. The gate groaned with her light weight as she hooped over the spikes on the top of the bars, a sound of torn fabric cut the silence as the sleeve of her leather jacket, when she landed on the ground she hissed and cursed under her breath. She had torn up the cuff of the jacket. She groaned and started walking through the cemetery, a black shadow perched on top of the iron gate.

It was dark under the cover of the few trees as she walked, the only light coming from buildings and streetlamps, her heels making a signature sound as they hit the cement. Her eyes adjusted slowly, she saw along of couples along the path leaning against trees, laying on the grass, all seem to be eating each other’s lips or kissing along their partner’s necks. She turned away feeling her face reddened slightly and stared ahead. She looked at a girl, who was pinning her lover against a large tree, kissing at the guy’s neck fiercely. And noticed she had a pattern similar to some the young lovers, on the back of her fashionably torn up shirt. The girl saw Jacxie and smiled waving at her, in a way to made it look like they were old friends. Jacxie despite herself responded to the girl’s smiled and wave with her own signature wave as she pasted the couple. She thought it was weird but she ignored it.

She had gotten to the edge of the group when something caught her attention. Well not something but someone. She slowed down and then stopped just pasted him. Out of the corner of her sapphire eyes she looked at him. Surrounded by girls from what she thought was a gang and just random women. He towered them easily, his body language calm and easy, but somehow secured like he was trying to hide something from every one of them. The most Jacxie could see of him was his dark red hair and moonlit skin. Then as if he could feel her looking at him, he raised his head and Jacxie’s breath caught. He was captivating, his face clean cut with sharp features. As he raised his dark eyes up and looked at her, time seemed slowed down. His eyes were the color of black raven feathers, cold and soft as he looked at her.

Jacxie stood for a moment; she then turned her body slowly toward him the moonlight catching the white golden strands of her copper hair as well as the sliver jeweler around her neck and wrist where the sleeve was torn. Making them shimmer against her pale white skin. The man’s eyes widen as he stared back at her, Jacxie felt a sort of tug in her chest, and she found the man familiar to her. The red haired men straighten and started walking toward her, never taking his eyes off her. As if he feared that if he blinked she’d be gone.

Quickly hands reached out from the darkness behind Jacxie and grabbed her by the waist, and before she could even think of crying out a strong hand was placed over her mouth. She bit into the hand teasing the coppery blood taste. The hand not even flinching, too quickly the person slammed her down onto the tough ground Jacxie’s wrist collideding with the marble of a head stone.

The sound of bone being snapped cracked through the air; Jacxie gasped crying out without thinking. Jacxie tired to get a glimpse of her attacker, but there were no lights around, except that which came through a bared window. Before she could take in anymore of her surroundings she felt the hand on her mouth moved to her nose. She felt dizzy and her mind started to fade as well as her vision she reached up to try and pull the hand away, she could see the salute of a very well muscled man. He pinned her arm down against the ground, as she started to black out she heard the man’s voice speak to her, it was almost lovingly in the way he spoke to her. “Oh Jacxie.”


As the light of the moon streamed in through the bars of the ancient mausoleum the man leaned over Jacxie, his breathing was shaky. How she had changed sense he last saw her nine years ago when she was so small. He looked at her small wrist the bracelet with the dark blue gems on her wrist; he couldn’t believe she kept it all this time. He tenderly touched her cheek, soft and warm. That seemed to be the only thing about her that hasn’t changed. When he saw her earlier that night in the club, seeing her dancing with men, drinking. He just couldn’t believe it was her, the same innocent girl he used to watch over in middle school, being this alluring woman, enticing men with her body. He shook his head clear of that image. “Jacxie.”

“She’s changed hasn’t she Garth.” Said a man from the doorway of the white marble mausoleum.

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    Sun Mar 21, 2010 @ 06:37pm

    Very good Catie, your writing is getting so much better and this sounds like it's going to be a great story. biggrin heart

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