At noon on a rather lazy Saturday in the end of march, Hilary Cardon awoke to the sun shining in her bed room window. She got up from bed and walked down stairs to her family's kitchen .No one was home except for her which wasn't unusual considering both of her parents were workaholics and her brother practically lived over his friends' houses. Lazily she pulled out a bowl to make cereal because she really didn't feel like cooking anything right now. Hilary grabbed a box of her favorite cereal and the milk. She walked over to the kitchen table carrying the three Item as sat down to make and eat her food.

As she ate her eyes wondered out the window where she had a perfect view of the woods that was the back boarder of her yard. "I think I'll go walk in the woods after I get changed," Hilary said to no one since no one was around. She finished up eating and put her bowl in the dish washer, noticing that her mom had put a load of dishes in, she started them before heading up to her room and gathered some clean clothes consisting of a light blue short-sleeve tee-shirt and a pair of jean shorts that showed off her perfect legs. Walking to the bathroom she hummed a song that had popped into her head. Hilary soon arrived at the bathroom and turned on the Shower and undressed to get in. She took ten-minute shower before getting out and getting dress. Looking in the mirror, Hilary decided to leave her hair down. She walked out of the bathroom grabbed her house keys and headed out of the house. Before she went into the woods, Hilary paused and locked the door. In the neighborhood she lived in you couldn't leave your house unlocked unless your wanted something to be missing. She turned and walked through her yard into the woods. She knew exactly where she was going to go. there was a huge oak tree towards the middle of the woods with a stream by it that was rather relaxing.

Hilary took a deep breath enjoying the fresh spring air. After being sick for most of the winter she was enjoying being able to go outside. Hilary looked up at the sky and sighed. "it's such a nice day," she said stretching lazily and leaning back against the oak tree she was standing by. it was one of those clear blue spring days that only seemed to appear after and extremely stormy week. Having snowed for almost the whole last week of winter it was reasonable and the very first week of spring. Hilary closed her eyes just enjoying the sun shining on her skin. Her golden-brown bangs traced her face as she seemed to fall asleep to the singing of the birds and the sounds of the light breeze blowing through the leaves of the tree. a figure stepped into the woods not far from where Hilary was relaxing his face set in an determined expression. As if the figure knew someone was in the woods he started to walk towards where the figure of the sleeping girl was.

"get the hell up," the figure's gruff voice said braking the tranquility of the woods and startling the Hilary from her sleep. Of course since she had slept most of the morning away it wasn't really that hard to do. The figure had average length red hair and green eyes and was dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt.

"What do you want," Hilary asked annoyed to be woken up from her sleep by some stranger in the middle of the woods, "and there is no real reason to be so rude." She got up and glared at the stranger. who just shrugged at her response.

"are you Hilary Cardon," the stranger asked. only to receive a suspicious look from Hilary; which he took as a yes. "good," he continued, "I've got much to tell you and this is not the place. If you come with me I'll show you what I mean."

Hilary shook her head. "no," she said, "I don't know you nor do I want to leave this place that i find really relaxing" She continued to glare at the guy trying to figure out who he thought he was to tell her what to do when she didn't even know him and knew these woods like the back of her hand.

The Stranger sighed and shook his head. "if I tell you who I am will you trust me," he asked, "and come along with me? I know so much more then you do and it is not safe here."

"I guess at least a little more then a complete stranger," Hilary said not answering the second part of his question. She had been taught to not trust strangers so she was on her guard talking to him. Although in the 15 almost 16 years she had never had a problem. Her sweet-16 was a week away and she couldn't be anymore excited.

The stranger looked at Hilary "I am Jesse Briton and I've actually known you and your family since your birth," he said, "which reminds me happy birthday." He smiled at the teen-age girl. He knew that the girl wasn't normal although the girl would not know until her birthday. But with a threat that was currently looming she needed to know before hand.

As soon as Jesse had said his name he became familiar to Hilary. Of course considering the fact that the last time she had seen this guy was about ten years ago so she really didn't recognize him as quickly as she would have had if she had just seen him it the last year. Hilary got up from the ground and smiled. "oh wow I didn't even recognize you, Jesse," she said. The man she was talking to smiled back.

"so do you mind talking to me in another place," Jesse asked, "you parents know I was going to talk to you so they won't have an issue." He looked at the golden-brown haired girl who had grown so much since he last had saw her. "oh yeah my nephew nick is coming along as well," he added. Almost as if that was his cue a guy stepped into the clear. He looked a lot like Jesse except for his hair was a very pale blond and his eyes were blue and he looked to be about the same age as Hilary which he was.

"yo I'm nick," nick said in a way to introduce himself and leaned against a tree. Hilary looked at the new guy. He was dressed in no real unusual way. He, like his uncle, was wearing a tee-shirt and jeans so there was really nothing strange about how he was dressed but something about him hit Hilary as strange though she couldn't place her finger on what.

"Hilary," Hilary said nodding at the guy. She turned her attention back to Jesse. "so what do you wanna talk to us about," she asked.

Jesse just shook his head. "not here if you two will come to me I will answer all of you questions," he said looking at both the teen at the same time. both of whom just shrugged and walked with the man to a parking lot that was for hikers to park their cars.

If she hadn't of known Jesse, Hilary would've never went with them but she did know him as did her family. Her parents may be workaholics but they were never the type of people who kept friends that were dangerous. The group walked to a car which they got into and headed out of the hiking area into town. After a short drive they arrived at the local dinner and got out.

Jesse asked for a seat for three and the three of them followed the waitress to their table. Jesse took no hesitation to tell the two teen why he had asked them there. "you two aren't normal," he said bluntly, "you both are also turning 16 in the next week which is a special birthday for what you are." He got not time to elaborate because the waitress came to take their orders.