I hope everyone has a fun filled green day!

Much lore surrounds St. Patrick. As a teen he was captured and sold into slavery. This brought him closer to God and after escaping he made his way to a monastery. He decided that his calling was to covert pagans to Christianity. He later became the second Bishop to Ireland where he become successful in winning coverts. Some stories say he raised people from the dead. He is also credited with driving out the snakes from Ireland but Ireland had no native snakes to have been driven out. His is probably more of a metaphor dealing with paganism.One story also said that he used the shamrock to teach about the holy trinity. Today is a day for spiritual renewal and to offer prayers for all missionaries.

Wearing green today will bring you good luck. If nothing else happens at least you won't get pinched. Finding a four leaf clover is also extra lucky. One story says that it is the clover that makes themselves known to the lucky person. Kissing the blarney stone is said to also bring good luck and persuasive eloquence. A spell was said to have been placed on the stone by a old women to honor a king who had saved her from drowning.