in the GCD every one was giving out secret gifts to one another and I gave out a bunch of sunflowers and signed them "A gift from the fox boy that smells like sunflowers" kukuku samurai champloo inspired X3 but it was awesome. only down side is that I'm poor now X3 but it twas aaaal good heres the stuff i got <3 and some of the people I figured out who sent them.

Texture Canvas Jacket - i'm not 100% but i think it was inasanemonkey1230
Ocean Cut Off Shorts (XD THEY ARE SO SMALL!!! <3) - Baldr
Hot Basic Skirt
Heart shaped box of sweets - Arcanis Arcanil
Dec 05 letter - Kon-Ton
Red Ceramic Mug
Nurses Hat
Square Blox
Purple Daisy - Mizu Enna