This has effectively become the worst week my life has endured for now. It was midnight when the visitors came to my cell, and a new day had begun as the door opened.

None other than the Emperor Uriel Septim himself had come to my cell, being led by his own Royal Bodyguard! Naturally, I did as I was told when they instructed me to back up to the wall and stay away from them. However, it was odd when the Emperor paused before me, and his cryptic words may haunt me until I die:

"You.... I've seen you.. The one from my dreams. Then the stars are correct, and this is the day.... Gods, give me strength."

I am in no way on good graces with the Imperial Gods, since I prefer the ancestor and Daedric worship that my father and sisters instilled in me during my youth. However, I am different since I am not fond of slavery: the Argonians hold a very rotting fish-like smell and the Khajiit... Don't get me started on them.

I was lucky that the Blades had a secret escape route from the city, the entrance being in my cell! What an opportunity! The Emperor was off on his way, and his Blades cautioned me to be careful and stay out of there way. Fine by me; I prefer to remain hidden and stay by the shadows for now. Down the dimly lit path I stalked, shadowing the Blades and their charge until disaster struck.

Some red robed fiends appeared from the shadow, transforming into armored horrors before they did battle with the guards. Somehow, they managed to make short work of the Blade Captain Renault before the other two dispatched of the assassin trio. Uriel seemed saddened by her death, but nonetheless they pressed on, leaving me with the warning to not follow them. That was difficult, for they locked the door behind them and I had no lockpicks to follow. I was left with four dead bodies and no way out.

My contemplation was cut loose by the sound of a crumbling wall and some squeaks from rats. Big rats.

I ended up rushing over to the fallen Captain's body and picked up her weapon: a beautifully crafted steel katana. As the first rat leapt, the blade cleaved right through the jaw and into the head, severing some vital arteries before the rat fell dead. Its companion fell to a similar fate. Now I am stuck in prisoner clothing, 5 dead bodies, and a katana. Seeing as I could use some better clothing, I decided to steal some of those red robes and hood, and took the Captain's backup weapon of a steel shortsword. I left her armor behind, since I am not fond of heavy armor.

I followed the pathway into the tunnel, and noticed a skeleton holding a bow and dagger. The feeling in my gut told me I wasn't the only poor swit to come through here. I have no need for a dagger, but the bow and fur cuirass and boots would come in handy indeed. I tossed the robes, but kept that stylish hood! And thanks to the lockpick I found in the deadman's loot sack, I opened the treasure chest beside him and took some more arrows and some gold coins. Perfect for when I get out of here! I explored the room some more, and found a dead goblin, garbed in curious clothing. A shaman perhaps? The key, potion, and scrolls it had would be useful in the coming journey.

I pressed on cautiously, since I didn't want to be the next skeleton some poor prisoner would find during his escape.

My trials in these tunnels led me to more treasure: some rusted iron armor pieces, a leather shield, a warhammer, and a zombie! The corpse was killing rats, so I decided to wait out the battle and pick off the zombie with my sword. But I was blindsided: a rat came from nowhere and bit me in the leg. In a flash, a ball of fire extended from my hand and collided with the stupid rat, bruning it to a crisp. I remembered that silly little Flare spell now, as well as that Minor Healing spell my sisters taught me. So maybe their teachings would come in handy after all.

All of my skills would come into play when I met with the main area of goblins; a total of 5 of them, with 3 rats skulking in a pen. Before I could think, their main warrior had seen me and decided to pick a fight with me. Now, I am handy with a blade and some destruction magic, but I needed space to really get going. I backed up and decided to circle my foe, raining swings from my katana onto the poor green fool. After taking a mace to the face, I stabbed him right through the stomach, gutting him. A potion to heal my wounds, and back into the chamber I went. I noticed that a rock lever tied with rope controlled the rat pen door. Pull the rope, let the goblin rat keeper deal with his pets while I summarily dealt with some wandering patrolman.

The shaman at the other end would be a problem. Luckily, I had found some poison on a nearby table, and activated a Scroll of Chameleon to hide myself in the shadows before stalking up to the shaman, and planting the katana into its spine. Simple kill really, and its staff looked very nice. Took that, along with a chest containing gems, repair hammers, and even an Iron Longsword! This prison break was looking up for now.

A door later, and I ended up dropping in on the Blades and Uriel. One guard wanted to end my journey there, thinking I was in with the assassins. Hardly, but I held up the leather shield in hopes of not getting killed when Uriel called him off and called me over. We chatted about atrology, a subject I have no knowledge of other than I was born under the Mage stars. I had lots of Magika to spare, that was for sure. The Emperor told me he knew he was to die on this ill-fated escape, and encouraged me to follow him as we moved on. More assassins, but now I was equipped to help the Guards kill them. However, before we made it to the safe zone, the door was locked and we were trapped. The last two Blades ran off to go defeat these magical lunatics, leaving me to guard the Emperor.

"This is the end of my path. I can go no further. Take the Amulet of Kings, and find Jauffre." He told me, and I spun around with a confused look. "Where? Where do I go?"

"Weynon Priory, just outside Chorrol. We cannot let the Prince of Destruction and his mortal servants win. Go, find him, and close shut the jaws of Oblivion!" Before I could ask more of him, a stone wall slid down and an assassin wielding a magical, cruel looking dagger appeared and cut him down. We engaged in a small duel before Baurus, the shield-wielding Redguard Blade, came in and cut down the assassin. I ran out to go check for the other Blade, only to find him dead. I took his katana as well.

Maybe I'll have a collection?

When I returned, Baurus interrogated me about the Amulet of Kings, when I told him I had it. I recounted that Uriel wanted me to go find Jauffre because there was a supposed heir to the Empire. Baurus wasn't too sure, but he felt that the Emperor was right to trust in me. Before I left, he told me I had to go through the sewers to escape, but my training as a Spellsword would get me through.

My eye twitched. I was no Spellsword! My sisters were, and for that I hated them and Spellswords and general! No, my path was one of magic combined with stealth. I knew the blade well, but I was well versed in Conjuration, Destruction, Restoration, and Illusion. Also, I was very good at sneaking and wearing light armor. I was known as a Duskblade, a variation of the traditional Nightblade training.

Baurus thanked me for retreiving his companion's katanas, and I was on my way. The sewer was filled with a few more rats and goblins, but I remembered how to summon a skeleton to do my bidding. My new bony companion made short work of such fools, and I left the sewers to go start my new life.

If only Divayth could see me now. Would he finally acknowledge and be proud of me? Or would he still neglect me in favor of my sisters? Maybe if I do as Uriel instructed, I could earn fame, wealth, and power. That will show that asinine old n'wah that I, Banor Fyr, am more than a copy! I am my own Dunmer, and I will surpass him!

I am such a fool...