I find it amusing that I could make more money selling Dolphins in the Marketplace than I could with a full Dolphin tank through BootyGrab. That's... kind of sad. I've had eleven dolphins in my tank for four months, and I just added six more to make the full seventeen, and I've only made 173,000. The dolphins are going for 250,000 a pop in the Marketplace. Anyone else see the nitwittery in this picture?

Perhaps I should have splurged on the Watermeats...

And why is everyone and their dog asking me to sell my Y Paddle for less than half the going rate? WTF! I'm selling that baby for as much as I can! Seriously, people, I have things I want, too. I need the gold from my Y Paddle to go toward my endless list of wants and needs. I'm sorry if you don't have 900,000+ for the Y Paddle, but that IS the going rate right now for the five of us who are selling one.

It's a shame I can't turn Gaia Gold into REAL gold. Heh... wouldn't that be a trip. Actually, it WOULD be a trip. The road trip Parmer and I keep talking about... XD