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Just a journal of random happenings, thoughts, guides, and moar for your lulzy entertainment.
Staci's Need To Rant
Since I'm pissy and on a mad rampage today, I'm just going to rant off to the people I hate exactly why I hate them. Trust me, it's good therapy.

To Mr. Rude a** Old Cowboy Hick ********; Don't like my attitude? Good, i don't like yours either, d**k head. Maybe you should consider one, getting a brain and understanding simple tasks and two, not thinking you're the most important person in the store and wasting other people's time. Consideration is a wonderful thing isn't it? And btw, Trinity explained the cig deals the same way I did. I bet it's cause I wear makeup and have metal piercings in my face. Well, a*****e, you look like an old a** stupid cowboy hick, there I said it.

Trey: Good lord I hope the Heavens drop a bloody anvil on your head so I can watch you be crushed by it and die. Evidently you only give a s**t about yourself and hunting for sex from little sixteen year olds. Guess what, stupid? Your little loli has a freaking STI! Hope that's fun to sit with, enjoy because it's no less than you deserve. Any bad thing that happens to you from here on it you deserve every moment of. Sorry, but your depression you brought down on yourself.

Matt: Heheheh, this one's a good one. Let's see there's a ******** laundry list of things I got out for you. One, you claim to care and couldn't give two shits about me. So much I couldn't care less about you. Two, you really forgive me? Somehow I really doubt it. Just another one of your classic little lies. Three, you're probably one of the most inconsiderate people I've ever met. Ranting on about all the girls you like and everything, you don't think that hurts? Selfish, as always.

Zaid: OOOOOHHHHH BOY! My favorite to rant about! There's a lot of reasons I hate your guts. One, you're a disgusting ******** that preys on innocent young naive girls to satisfy your own lusts. I wish every second of every day someone puts you in jail so big Bubba can make you his b***h. Two, you're so mean to my friends it's sickening. Sorry if we try to have a little fun every once in a while. Doesn't mean you get the right to treat everyone like s**t. Although maybe that's why you have more internet friends than real ones. You're a stupid, pathetic, mean little nerdfail with no hope in life so you waste it playing yu gay ho while listening to linkin park and fapping to loli porn whilst trying to be a tough guy over the internet. Useless is as useless does. I feel ashamed having even wasted any second of my life with you. You will never change, that much is abundantly clear.

Casey: This one just speaks for itself. it really, really does.

Whew! I feel...much better now actually. Typing your thoughts down is so good for the soul. Off to listening to my Killswitch Engage and Marilyn Manson. That helps too.

The Manson Chick
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