Starting over

Recently, my aunt and I have been going over the adventures I have had ever since they started, attempting to compile them into a series of books. Today, in my gaia journal, I am going to type page by page of what I have edited.

Please keep in mind that as the book progresses, I will have to stop, due to the fact that this book series is intended for an adult audience. For now, however, it does go within Gaia's ToS.

Feel free to comment after each entry so I know if it sounds good so far or not.

Heneroshi's Island - Book 1 (Cindy and Jon) Chapter 1

Page 1

The Renaissance Galaxy, a location only accessible through one's dreams and possibly in the future as well, has been a place filled with romance, danger, and of course technology that could change the earth forever!

One planet in particular, better known as Planet Hamster, has the most scientific marvels. For instance, common street drugs such as marijuana and cocaine have 20 times the potency than it does on earth. This was due to a higher concentration of the nutrients needed for these plants to grow on the planet's surface as well as the care given to them by medical professionals that are, as of yet unknown of their identities.

In the East, on an earth compass (west on Planet Hamster), there is a land known as Harvest Gardens. And it is in these lands, this major area, where most if not all of the galaxy's resources are produced. This of course includes these super-powerful street drugs.

One man in particular became very familiar with how these drugs reacted. His name was Jonathan Bogard. In this story, one will find out just how bad these drugs really are, and maybe, just maybe, it will have an effect on how pharmacies and drug dealers alike do their dealings on earth.

End of Page 1

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