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Gravity & Force

NOTICE: This entry is based of my original origin myth: How Gravity Grows... For the passage of the narrative, comment me through this journal entry and I'll PM you my essay/report. This entire report was half dedicated to Rozlind Silva (in gaia: ChibiNekozz), a close friend. Thanks everyone!


It starts with, some specific 'one'. This 'one' is a creator; one of the hosts of a universe alone. His name was Kratos. The first creation of a non-intervened invention was called a galaxy. This galaxy of his was filled with multiple Technicolor, 'adressings' of hue, where none without life exist.
There was an important location of makings and surrounding of new interventions that actually worked out. The Sun's solar system this was. In this setting, the characterizations of planets I prefer you'd refer to is: The sun as the guardian father (watcher/foreseer), Mercury and Venus as the optimistic twins, Earth- the beauty of bountiful recreations, Mars as the little follower, Jupiter as the situation control center child, Jupiter- the might of rings and selfishness in rivalry with Jupiter, Uranus- the silent observer, and Neptune and Pluto as the over hearers of gossip and endless talk with each other. (By the way, i was listen to my playlist [at profile] while doing this, from start to end).
These immortal figures were gazing under stars of blue, red, green, yellow, white, purple, and pink. The figures were round and valiant with gallant might while differing in authority of power and size along with age and emotions. This took time and setting of new- after their explorations and new discoveries of gravity (my previous passage). Today (in Earth's time), December 23, 2nd year after infrastructural build of them, was almost Earth's visit and chat with Jupiter and Mars. Now she was in gossip with Venus and the Sun. "I'm getting the hang of this gravity thing, it's good for Jupiter and Saturn since their relationship almost terminated. Have you seen the Great One's new Galaxy?" That was Earth. The Sun replied to her, "Yes, it's amazing. The Andromeda, Kratos informed me of it." Earth kept going on the same subject with Venus and slept for it was now December 31. "Jupiter! How's it going with Saturn?" "Swell, after the spatial cosmos decided for us to make gravity. Here's how it went..."
This story was very ironic yet amazing. Jupiter and Saturn re-aligned after the 360 degree rotation. Saturn was still annoyed, "Hi" he said grumpily. "How's it goin' jerk?" Jupiter retorted. "I'm better, for you informal..." He stared at him. Jupiter returned the glare. They went like this for 2 days. Finally, Saturn decided to say something entirely different, "How's Mars and the rest?" "Fine." "What about your rings? Shrinking as usual?" "Keep in mind that i never shrink and you never grow. I'm also in range to shatter you." "I'll return the favor before you can even reach me. Go on and try." Saturn knew that he wasn't supposed to be frightened of Jupiter the first time since he wasn't the type to fight. "..." "Exactly" "How is everyone else on your side?" "Better than ever..." Uranus was quietly listening and interrupted, "Stop. Be aware of your passive listeners. The Sun looks forth" The two turned. He was. "This is final for you two." The Sun close his eye spots as the two planets began to vibrate strongly. "Arghhh!" The two exclaimed in unison. There was a brutal force that was pulling parts of them in towards the Sun. He was shifting the magnetic force into higher gravity. The event ended, leaving The two planets with multiple small craters on them, along with their moons. This - ironically- also affected the other near planets also sadly. "My deepest apologies you four, it was for those two's own good." All were silent. At the time the Sun was resting his flames, Jupiter spoke, "If you hadn't mouthed off before Kratos came to a visit, this wouldn't have happened! Look at those poor fellows on my side!" He didn't dare. "It's because of the Sun's doing, don't blame me..." He looked depressed. "Hey, don't let yourself too much let out. I don't want to see you that way. It hurts me." Saturn looked at Jupiter, "Sure." he smiled and laughed. "You? get hurt by me?!" Saturn smiled, "Sure, the Sun invented this emotional sway didn't he?" "Oh, that fool" Saturn replied. They began to get along for almost 32 days. Then, time in Earth was when they were out of visual behind the Sun. It did go swell. To think that their guardian was an opposing lurker (as though it seems) and a nexus of some marvelous relationship. Bringing together the facts of negativity comes an opposite attraction you may never see in different timing.

Chibi-Nekozz' Alternate Ending

You'd think things were going swell because the wrongs of their fighting affected them to be better. But no, Jupiter actually just didn't want to deal with the whole problem anymore. Only in a perfect world would that ever happen, being able to move on with problems. You see, Jupiter learned the easiest method to burying a hatchet. To pretend there's actually something to smile about them; pretending that the other person them self is something to smile about. After all, if they happened to be upset, things would go wrong. Their problems already affected the others enough, and things would probably would have yet to change if their fighting continued. So Jupiter played of a friend card with Saturn, how much easier it was to keep the galaxy in order like that! Sure.. Jupiter was left with several uncomfortable held up feelings that would've been liked to be held out. But like previously said, sway of emotions were created. Apparently if all you had to do was smile just to make sure the universe and all others were unchanged and stayed the same, even if it means building up those negative unhealthy emotions on the inside, well then why not do it?

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