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"So, am I alone in thinking that this movie is definitely not the best out of all the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collabs? Seriously, J-Depp as the Mad Hatter was okay, but I kept thinking through the entire thing that he looked like a demented cross between Elijah Wood and Madonna. I honestly think he's forgotten how to create characters who are appealing and relatable. Then the whole thing with the Scott accent threw me off. HBC as the Red Queen practically made half the movie if not the majority of it. Anne Hathaway as the White Queen was extremely annoying with the constant twirling of her hands and obnoxious over-acting made her character nearly distasteful. As for new-comer Mia Wasikowska, while I did appreciate the physical resemblence, she brought almost no personality to Alice which left me kind of dissapointed. Now for the visuals/3D. I'm not going to deny that Wonderland itself isn't visually appealing (in a surrealist emo sort of way), but it seemed that Burton tried to throw in his own signature elements in to a landscape that is already strange to begin with, and the end result was just a bit too much for me. As for all the side-characters, they all looked extremely cartoonish and kind of clashed with the real-time actors (it just bugged me a bit). The story itself I admit is unique in that it is a sequel to the original novel, but other than that, the film is utterly predictable. So, all in all, I give this film a..........................


Discuss: What is your take on the film? Did you think it was good? Bad, maybe?

Look forward to my next review: Shutter Island!!!! (Yay! blaugh !)

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