OC refs-

Godfrey Blake (aka Spoons)

Nationality: English
Hair color: Sandy brown. The length matches the pictures.
Eye Color: light brown
Build: Slight. Spoons has thin shoulders.
Sexual orientation: straight, with ocassional lapses....Don't ask.
Personality: Fancies himself to be extremely sophisticated and charming. He walks around like he owns the city. He is a little bit effeminate in his posture and word choice, but it is entirely by accident.
Special Characteristics: Spoons has telekinesis. His power isn't all that STRONG, but it's very PRECISE. He could open a lock on a door, as opposed to breaking it down. He is also schizophrenic. The small, dark, stemmless glasses were given to him to brainwash him a bit. As long as they're on, he can't "see" the things that aren't real.
History: He joined the circus to help with their "death-defying" stunts, and he met Paul there. He saved up some cash and is now trying to find someone who can fix Paul's face.
refs: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Paul (aka Hides)

Nationality:French, but he has no accent when he talks in your brain.
Hair color: Er, brown. He doesn't really have hair, does he?
Eye Color: yellow
Build: A manly man, Paul has broad shoulders.
Sexual orientation: straight, AS AN ARROW.
Personality: Keeps to himself, and tries not to attract attention. It's not his fault; he's a circus freak for goodness sakes. Very fond of his friends.
Special Characteristics: Well, Paul has the head of a hawk. He was not born that way. Paul is telepathic, the only way he can speak is straight into your head. He is also mildly precognative. Paul can get a very strong feeling (he calls it his "hunches" ) about situations and decisions.
History: At age seven, Paul started to change from a normal little human boy to a bird. He was cursed by a man who was collecting psychics to use in a personal army, and needed to pressure Paul's brother into joining. Pauls' brother is a VERY powerful precog. He can see the future perfectly. It does not change for him. The brother left with the promise Paul would be returned to normal, but it never happened. Desperate to give their son some kind of future, Paul's parents sold him to a traveling circus. Paul has worked there ever since, only recently leaving because Spoons convinced him there may be some way for his face to be returned to normal.
refs: 1 2 3 4. His coat has a double row of buttons! And the scarf is used to conceal his face when he's out in public. He can also be drawn with a normal face and feathers for hair.


Nationality: English/Spanish
Hair color: black, and the style is asymmetrical
Eye Color: black
Build: Slight. Her chest isn't very large.
Sexual orientation: a hooker. That's all that needs to be said.
Personality: Marina is hoping to quit being a hooker soon. She's trying to educate herself and get a normal job, but she needs the money. She's mischiveous. and likes messing around with people's loyalties. If it came down to it, she would save herself over a friend.
Special Characteristics: Not very pretty, but quite attractive.
refs: 1 2 3 Please play around with her clothes.