As of today I am 13 week and 1 day pregnant heart

Today the midwife came to see me to talk things through and go over my family history and things like that. She also took my blood pressure and everything is fine there, and took blood samples to test my iron and things like that, but she doesn't seem concerned that anything will be wrong. My midwife is so lovely heart It's the same one I had for Robyn which I am kind of happy about.

I probably won't see the midwife now until after my scan when I am about 22 week!!! Seems so long to have no contact, but I am sure everything will be ok in the meantime.

In myself I am feeling ok, I just get tired quite easily now - especially yesterday, I just couldn't stay awake at all!

Robyn is becoming a bit more aware as I'm trying to get her used to the idea of a brother or sister. When I ask "Where is baby?" She will point at my tummy excitedly and say "Baby" and when I ask her to give baby a hug she strokes my tummy ever so gently and when I say baby wants a kiss, she even gives it a kiss. I'm sure she will be a brilliant big sister.

We have also swapped round bedrooms so that Robyn and the new arrival will have the bigger bedroom to share, and Robyn is loving all the space.

Other than that, not much has changed. I have a very tiny bump, but sometimes I can bloated and look about 30 week pregnant! xd Just looking forward to things progressing, and thanking my stars that I wasn't as sick with this pregnancy as I was with Robyn.

I'm still thinking it's a boy xd