The Olympics are over and a new month has arrived. Today we will look at March's birth flower, the Daffodil.

Daffodils are symbols of respect, chivalry, modesty , and faithfulness. Being one of the first flowers to bloom in spring they are also a symbol of rebirth. it is the emblem of Wales and is worn on St, David's Day. In England it is also called the lent lily since it blooms during Lent. This flower is poisonous if eaten. In wales it is said that if you spot the first daffodil of the season you will have 12 months filled with wealth. In Chinese legend if you force one to bloom during the new year it will bring good luck to your home. Daffodils should be given in bunches. A single bloom is a sign of misfortune. It is also bad luck to step on them but avoiding stepping on them will bring good luck.

Its Latin name is narcissus. It is named after the self absorbed Greek god by the same name. It is said that while gazing at himself in a stream he leaned over to far and fell in and drowned. It is said the gods planted the flowers on the bank to remember him. It is also connected to Hades since it was the flower that Persephone was suppose to be picking when Hades carried her off to be his wife.

The narcissus was also a ritualistic flower connected to death for the Egyptians. pharaohs were buried with the skin of the bulbs placed over there eyes, nose, and mouth.