today's the last day of february and i haven't really done much of anything in this new year. well i did get my hair cut again, up to my chin, which is a lot shorter than i had gotten it cut the last time. my brother graduated from boot camp the friday before valentine's day weekend and mom, dad, and i took a flight out to cali to see him. i was hoping to spend some time with jon, but we never really could seem to find the time. we did get to see each other for what felt like five minutes after church on sunday. i gave him my valentine ^^ i don't think he was expecting to get one? shrugs my brother bought me my first cold stone ice cream, cheesecake fantasy, as his valentine's gift to me, gosh that tasted so good X). i had been wanting to try cold stone since we moved back to california the second time around so about seven or eight years ago now. monday we got to visit my cousin and his wife in 29 palms, so much desert! shakes head, then the following day we packed up our household items and got ready to truck cross country. it took us four and a half days to truck from california back to virginia. cringes now we have to unpack our many boxes, sigh. smiles mom's and my birthday are coming up though and i do love birthdays so i'm looking forward to them smile