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Wizler's Journal
Just a place where I can post some crap about myself XD
So how was my first week at BDO?
- NOTE: The following is just a copy-paste from my MySpace Blog -

Well then, guess I should tell you guys and girls who actually read my blogs (you people rock!) how the first week of my internship has been.. right?

What? Did you say no? D:

the end.

Juuuust kidding. I don't care what you say xD

Anyway, so my student internship started this week. On monday. That day seriously was hell. So many hands to shake, so many times I had to introduce myself. Urgh. Dude, I think I've introduced myself like 50 times in a timespan of half an hour. During that introduction round they showed me around the building. Which looks pretty nice, nice work spots, everything is like brand new over there since they moved into this building like half a year ago.

But anyway, after that was out of the way, they assigned me to a work spot. Nice big desk, nice big TFT Screen, keyboard, mouse, computer on the floor, garbage can, chair.. oh, and a personal Voice over IP-phone. xD They told me jokingly I could like phone other countries if I wanted to, but I shouldn't do it too much, otherwise the bosses would like come to pwn my ass. Lol.

After they assigned me to a work spot, I could like start doing my thing. And they went off to go to some meeting. Started writing my workplan and doing some research about the company and things like that. Rest of the week I've been writing my workplan, figured out what the exact projectgoal was, made a plan how I would reach that goal in the next 18 weeks, and started doing some research on the internet to find out more about Workflow Management Tools, because that's what my student internship project is all about. I won't even try to explain what it's exactly about, since most of you probably will have something like "double-you tea ef" anyway even if I tried.

Well.. just really short then, and if you have that "double-you tea ef"-thing, just forget about it.

I have to do research on workflow management solutions to automatize some processes regarding publishing information/data on the website and portals from the company. Therefore, I have to keep in mind the tool has to be able to work together with Microsoft's Content Management Server and Microsoft's Sharepoint Portal Server. Since they use those tools to control/publish information/search for information/etc at the website and portals.

If you have been able to follow it this far.. kudo's for you.

I must find out what the best workflow management solution for this situation is, and after that I have to do research about this solution, telling them what it can do and how it will help BDO.

The people over there are pretty nice, although it's too bad they are real ICT-people. They can like, almost only talk about cars and computers. -_-

But anyway, hope I've informed you enough now. And if not, and you still like to know more, you can always just ask me I guess.

Oh yeah, and just on a whole different note.. right now I'm bouncing around in my room (NO LIE!!) listening to Kaiser Chiefs. xD

Anyway! (such an overused word.. that anyway.. but anyway.. xD) Laters, love and all that jazz. And thanks for reading. <3
Now comment. xD

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    -kidnaps Wizzeh from his internship- D<

    comment [ Hiroko ] · Community Member · Sat Feb 11, 2006 @ 12:12am
    Interesting. =o
    What boring conversations those people must have. <___<; -Pets Wizzeh-
    Sounds like a good internship-place-thingy though! o_o;
    Kaiser Chiefs are good.. x]

    comment Anniehh · Community Member · Sun Feb 12, 2006 @ 07:09pm
    Geez, you really ARE overusing anyway.. but anyway xd .. I don't understand much of your Journal.. so many weird words.. ;____;

    comment Petsy · Community Member · Mon Mar 06, 2006 @ 02:09pm
    Wow, that sounds like fun. xP

    Umm, so like, I have a myspace too. xP But yeah anyway, i'm too lazy to go on a lot. domokun

    What an interesting week, sounds like you have a lot planned for your internship. 3nodding xp

    comment hikaruxanadu · Community Member · Mon Apr 17, 2006 @ 12:30am
    Wow, I wouldn't know if I could introduce myself to everyone like that. I can get really shy. But I would love to work with computers all day, that would be a lot of fun. heart

    comment nallos numba 1 fan · Community Member · Sun Jun 11, 2006 @ 11:22pm
    User Comments: [5]

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