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the journey
Read at your own risk
What is this story about? Why is it necessary to tell of something non-existent? Why speak of something untouchable without meaning? Perhaps it's because I'm forced to do so. There must be a driving force to push me forward. It's that same force that pushes Deq onward. See, if you've read before, perhaps you feel that you know what this is about. Love, Hate, Success, Wealth, Lust, Malice and Brutality, you are not far from the truth if you've perceived all of this. Deep in Virgil's past, one can clearly see it all, buuut the saga must continue! If you remember correctly, Virgil was trapped by a mysterious figure! How did it happen? It happened in a way unimaginable to Deq, you see, Deq scurried, slithered, then crawled in such a crafty way on the figure that his cockiness got the best of him. Finally coming face to face with the figure, he drew out his vicious lustful blade. You see this blade, is not ordinary. With it lies every desire which lives deep within Virgil himself. Deq is the blade and the blade is Deq. The blade carries with it envy and a seductive carnality. With one strike, a victim experiences such a climax and after death slowly looms over the victim, Deq stares at the victim almost lovingly, as if he delivered the victim his or her hearts desire. But LOH , his methods didn't work this time. Not to the foe which stood before him. Pointing out the blade before the foe, he used his finesse to force the foe to unmask and behold, it was a WOMAN! A woman of unearthly pretense. Surprisingly she had his eyes. She could actually peer into his soul yet she did not know it. She had the ability to snatch the very thing that he coveted so dearly. Virgil, a man of unfathomable talents never coveted, never desired, never wanted, never needed. How is it that he could covet anything? How can a man that can acquire any woman he wants, amass the countless riches, wealth and power of the world need anything? How could he of all desire something so deep as to covet it? See, if you don't remember the old stories, it goes like this. Countless years ago, Virgil the Deq, prince of the thieves ascended to the throne of the world. He had acquired the supreme power of the universe right in his bare hands, something impossible known to man. The entire world was his kingdom though he had not perceived it as that, yet the thief of thieves fell into a trap by a princess of the east. She then killed Virgil. Yes, Virgil died after laying in bed with this princess. She seduced him in bed and poisoned his drink. Before his death however, he receive 2 gifts from long ago, it's these 2 gifts that eventually brought him back from the dead and now here he is, alive. With Deq alive once more, he was on his way, unleashing malice, chaos and hate into the world yet perhaps now this would come to an end. Again, he runs into something perhaps more formidable then he knows. The hair of the woman before him appeared as white silk, her eyes almost glowed, her form poised and seductive, her breath breathless. She locked her eyes onto him and he did the same with her in the breadth of the night. One could tell that a lot had transpired in such short few moments yet it wasn't apparent to the non-perceptive man. Walking slowly around her, she began to do the same to him. They both were analyzing, building greater hostility, examining and much more.

Unknown Woman: I am looking for you :: states the woman firmly
Deq: I already know why you're here :: virgil thrusts his sword at her. The sword was attached with a black rose.
Unknown Woman: I already have a weapon, I don't need this

Without hesitation, Deq charged at her with his own sword, realizing that this woman was simply hesitating too much, he tricked her. He forced her secondary blade to penetrate him. It was a mortal wound fit to kill a man and it began killing Deq. The woman with his eyes had slain Deq. She swore her allegiance as his protector, as his rear guard yet by her own hand Deq fell. Deq died, Virgil's end had finally come. She watched the poison from the secondary blade devour his body, and so now the death of Deq is only a mere broken shadow of her recent past.

////////////////////// and the story continues!

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[ Mog ]
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Feb 24, 2010 @ 05:08am
I didn't think the story would progress in this fashion

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