Mathematics. What a pain in the...Back? For what do I loathe in this numeral nuisance?
Let me count the ways. In a bad order...

1. Pi...No not the good pie. The pi...Pi.....For what kind of place does it function in our world? It's irrational and it keeps going on. For what would pi be if it wasn't irrational? Would it be anti-pi? And when I hear pi I hear Blueberry Pie...Or pumpkin...Apple?....Maybe Peach....

2. The enormous amount of paper it wastes during the calculations of math madness....If someone could create the ultimate shortest math equation for anything I would make love to them. Like a hyena. Or maybe beyond that. Also I feel horrible for killing all those trees just to do some simple homework that might not help me in the future with my acting career.

3. Fractions. Sure I might use that when I divide the pie (Mmmm pie) but since when did 3 over 2 ever going to teach me how to play ping pong? Or does 7 over 37 plus 3x going to equal 3 over 8 times 90y? Does it really? Or will my entire career finally be supported by the lines that keep the denominator from the numerator? Questions, questions...

4. The sudden urge to need to do this is beyond me. Having to stay up because one could not finish all of his mathematics work in class session is somewhat annoying. I mean does know one know that I have busy schedule to keep with?
Waking up early and raging to finish all my other work for other classes. Could teachers at least spare the asian boy?

5. I have no other words to say how much i loathe this subject. May followers that suffer this later when I am older read this and empathize/sympathize how I feel. Because I will for the younger generations to come.

Damn you home work D:

~The end x3