Im happy im on the other side of the screen! just joking, i wont give you that junk, you dont need it. people if your looking for some crazed twilight definition good for you but i dont have one. vampires are generally easily accepted into society because of their cooled off attitude and control. if in a vampires next life, he or she didnt have control that could be a problem. vampires have alot going on in their hearts and in their minds and they like to hide it because it makes you guys feel stronger. thats okay. social and friends doesnt mean weak on the other hand. there are alot of people that really admire you and would love to have you as their friend so open up! besides, you like having people who like you and you trust them because they trust you. you can be very loyal when you are and also very dark. alot of you guys may be branded as emo, but youre not. vampires arent supposed to hate themselves (NOBODY IS) because you gotta do whatcha gotta do, which is a lot. vampshave alot of potential in several fields and use yours. your true friends know that youre different but they wont brand you because youre more different. personality wise you guys are pretty good but impulsives arent always good. vampires can also have the best impulsives so use your superior intellect to figure it out! because you guys might get confused with all these extremes. Vampires can get one of the biggest advantages through this world, so, discover what you can do! like anything!