Ian got so gratefull that he let us buy something in his boutique with 50% discount whee ! We were heading to a hotel, when suddenly a guard came to us, asking if we knowed a Souto and a Goblin stare ...
That guard was bringing a message saying that Leon needed us there to help not the guards, but the citizens. So me, Dark Juggalette and Goblin decided to lend them a hand or three xp . As soon as we got there, Mourice jumped outta my head and ran into the woods... HOW COULD HE LEAVE ME crying ???
After being over that sadness of LOSING MY BEST FRIEND, we noticed that a big snake was following us... Goblin said that instant that was his chinese dragon, Jake. PERFECT!!! I LOOSE MY BUDDY AND HE FINDS HIS!!! NO FAIR!!! gonk ...
Sorry redface ... Anyway, that dragon gave Goblin one of his rings, the Dervish Ring, that he put on in that instant.
At the distance, there was a shrine with a girl inside, asking for help. We came to see what was happening: she introduced herself, saying her name was Katsumi, and telling us that she was trapped inside the shrine 'cause of the Animated in the area.
Goblin said that there were no Animated around that place. Suddenly he was pounced by a kokeshi doll, that started to whack his face with a fan. He looked like he was burning with rage and pulled out a Volcano Gun outta his pocket! That was the COOLER thing me and Dark Juggalette have ever seen eek !
After that massacre, Katsumi asked us if we could help, tieing her wish on a tree's brench. Wee took the wish on our hands and took off.

I'll keep contact!

Souto wink