Saturday, February 21st, 2010 - Southtown, Renaissance Galaxy approximately 8AM earth time.

What happened?

An Arcossian Tuffle spaceship crash landed in Southtown Canal.

What is an Arcossian?

An Arcossian is an alien race that in ancient times unknown to earth mythology and legends, save for those that watched Dragonball Z, that was known for an attempt at Universal domination. They were not a friendly race of aliens. They were ruled by three Monarchs known as King Cold, Prince Frieza, and Prince Cooler.

What is a Tuffle?

A Tuffle is also an alien race featured on the anime classic called Dragonball Z, and they were a breed that used to share a planet with the ever so popular saiyan race. They were known for their intelligence and their ability to adapt to any race through physical contact.

Why did the spaceship crash if the Tuffle race was known for being intelligent?

The Tuffles did not build this particular ship and they were flying a little bit to close to Planet Hamster's comfort zone.

Is Planet Hamster named because it was founded by actual Hamsters?

That, to me, is uncertain, but it is a possibility. I am unaware, at this time how Planet Hamster was founded. All I know is that is the Planet that this adventure is focused on.

Is Southtown Canal man-made or is it natural?

It is man made. The difference between a river and a canal to my understanding is that a river is natural and a canal isn't, but it is technically the same otherwise.

Is Southtown an actual city on Planet Hamster or is it something more?

Southtown is both a city and a major land on Planet Hamster.

How is Southtown more than just a mere city, tell us more, please.

Okay, Southtown is just one of five major areas on Planet Hamster. The other 4 major areas are Hamster City to the North, The Orochi Lands to the East, Harvest Gardens to the West, and finally Heneroshi's Island on the dark side of the planet.

*giggles* Hamster City? Is that a place that consists of nothing but Hamsters?

No! But, it is understandable why one would think that. I believe that Hamster City was the very first major land built on the Planet Hamster. So naturally, the creatures that discovered this planet first, likely named the city they built.

You mentioned major lands, does this mean in some of the 5 major areas there are littler areas within them?

Yes, as that was kind of an obvious question. The Orochi Lands consists of littler lands as it is actually built kind of like China on Earth in the way that the littler lands are separated by a great stone wall. It is rumored that it is through this land that one can actually go to most of the other planets surrounding Planet Hamster, meaning that Planet Hamster is the main Planet one would be on if one were actually in the Renaissance Galaxy.

That is very interesting. Did anything else happen in this dream besides a spaceship landing in Southtown Canal?

Of course more things happened. As my husband Terry Bogard and I were dealing with the surprisingly friendly Arcossian Tuffles that were in distress, my son William-Tyler was being lectured by his wife Lust to get some therapy of some kind.

You are married? Family members of yours tell us that you are single, how can this be?

Well, this is where it gets a little bit complicated. You see, I believe in this other world, this Renaissance Galaxy so much that whenever I tried to have relationships on earth, they did not work, in fact, my body acted as if I was cheating on someone, someone important. And the only place could I think of that I am actually married, is in the Renaissance Galaxy.

Cool, cool. All right, tell us more about your husband. Have you described him in some of your earlier entries?

Yes, I have. But I will admit that in those earlier entries, they aren't as clear as this entry is.

Is there anything new about your husband that we should know?

Not really. Terry Bogard is one of a kind, that much is certain. Some of my gaia friends here think that he is someone who is destined to be with me. Well, whatever. Our future is not written in stone. It isn't a certainty. It can turn out how some people think, but then again, it might not. It all depends on what we do in life that determines what path we will be on.

Other than that, all one needs to know about him is do not make him angry because if you do, you will surely regret it.

Earlier you mentioned that you had a son named William-Tyler and that he was married and that he was getting therapy, why?

Well... William-Tyler is one of those children that is unique. He was given a very special mission. For those of you who are religious, the Creator, meaning the one who created the Universe itself, which would go against the Big Bang theory, had been guiding William ever since he was born on June 16th of 1986.

What makes William worthy of this mission?

I don't know! I am not the Creator. But, it would be worthy to ask in a prayer right?

What mission did the Creator give to Will?

William must create the elements of the Universe in fleshy form.

Whoa! That seems to be a bit...unbelievable. How do you know that is his mission?

Because William-Tyler has, up to date, 19,000 children.

Are you a psycho? Nobody would believe that one kid can have that many children.

I can assure you that I am not a psycho. I would agree that it seems a bit far-fetched, but you have to remember that we are talking about a completely different Galaxy. So, naturally, there has to be different physical laws. What might seem crazy and far fetched here on Earth, might not be so crazy in the Renaissance Galaxy.

Believe me, I was also quite stunned that William ended up with that many children.

Okay, okay, how many wives has this kid had? It is obvious that with that many children that it could not have come from just one woman.

Uh, I believe William was married twice. Yep, twice. But, as you know, we are talking about a different Galaxy here, and with that comes new discoveries. William-Tyler, although male, he can give birth to his own children.

I cannot really explain it without getting technical and super graphic, but just know that William can give birth to his own kids, and he has 19,000 of them.

So, is the therapy related to this kid problem?

I don't know all the details as to why William went for therapy, but perhaps one of the reasons is because William insists on not just looking after his own children, but everybody else's children as well. His wife thinks that he overworks himself and she just wants him to basically re-evaluate his limits as a person.

What race are you in this different world?

I am so glad that you asked that. I am a Saiyan-Tuffle. I am half saiyan and half tuffle.

What is a Saiyan, what if we haven't seen Dragonball Z? Can you describe a saiyan?

A saiyan is basically a weremonkey. Based off of the legend or the theory of a human transforming into a wolf by the light of the full moon due to a chemical reaction, a saiyan is a human changing into a giant oozaru monkey.

Neat! So you are half weremonkey and half genius right?

Pretty much that describes me. I do tend to have knowledge that surpasses my natural age here on earth that I have no way of describing without having people think I am psychotic.

Have you ever really transformed on earth into a giant monkey?

Not that I am aware of. I have more Tuffle genes in me than Saiyan. So, there isn't enough Saiyan DNA to make me into a giant monkey. I do, however, tend to act like an animal sometimes during a full moon. If that counts.

That sounds like a neat dream that you had, is there anything specific in the dream that would be of our interest?

Hmm... well, perhaps the part where Terry and I did some treasure hunting and found a load of chocolate chip cookies under the water that had flooded the basement of Terry's mansion.

Whoa, cool! Terry has his own mansion? Is he rich?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, you would think so. But, sadly, nope. He built that mansion with his own two hands when he was 10 and didn't finish building it until he was well into his 20's. I first met Terry when I was 4 and he was 12.

Wasn't the adventure when you first met Terry written twice in a row in the archived entries?

*Blushing* Yeah, it was. But, if you want a refresher, all you have to do is ask.

That was pretty cool. Thanks for letting us know about these dreams of yours, Empress Dee. Do you have any closing comments for us?

Yes, I do! If you would like to know about these dreams or my earlier adventures, you can check them out here, or you can explore one of my owned guilds called The Renaissance Galaxy Guild that I bought in July of 2006.