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Mickey's Journal
My every-day blogs.
I know I'll need this in the future.
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
lol :3
Tanks = Weak to Melee
Mickayla says:
Chargers are full of fail. e3e
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
no duh
and also
Cr0wn Witches.
Run up to face with shotgun
when witch stands up
Boom, Headshot = One hit kill.
Mickayla says:
Okies > biggrin
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
btw, Melee alot more than Shoot, Your inaccurate alooooot more with guns.
Mickayla says:
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
Especially if you have Cricket bat or Sword
Adrenelene over Pain Pills.
Mickayla says:
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
Defribs suck a**s. Don't get them. Unless you don't have a medpack.
and also, all players respawn after you pass safehouse.
Mickayla says:
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
Best machine gun you'll ever need = Ak47 Military Rifle.
Screw Silenced Submachine gun.
Shotgun = for when your in small areas
Machine gun only in big areas.
Hunting Rifle blows a** too, NEVER USE unless your sniping from high area.
Also, Pipe Bomb over Boomer Bile.
It distracts them alot more and drags them out to kill each other in one boom
You miss with BB you have to kill all of them v_v
besides with PB you can focus more on bigger enemies.
One last statement.
Explosive Ammo, Never Incini.
Why not the fire bullets?
Zombies still chase after you for 2 seconds * I CLOCKED *
Mickayla says:
o___o orly nao?
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
and if they get you, fire dmg + reg dmg.
Mickayla says:
Wow ><
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
and besides Explosion ammo works best with Machine gun
or Ak47
because it blows a whole area away.
and one bullet takes out 3 zombies.
so 3 zombies x 60 bullets =?
180 Zombies would be killed in a matter of seconds. :3
Mickayla says:
Win > biggrin
[s]- =|Alex|= -[/s] says:
And thats all you need to know about L4D2
Besides one fact.
Explosion tanks. Carry em in outside
Gasoline, use in small areas.
Trust me, it'll save you so much ,_,

Goddess Mickayla
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