Early Tuesday Morning caught me watching a DVR'd Oprah of Monday Evening. She's been doing this child molester/abuser specials lately and while originally just interesting at first this Monday's episode really hit home. On the show was this guy named Gregg Milligan who was raped/beaten/prostituted by his mother. I could really relate to him in a crazy intimate way. Of course I could never be so bold to go to Oprah about my life (being that the Mafiusi are much deeper in it then that guys life) but it gave me a strange urge to talk about it. I never noticed that other people have gone through something as similar as my life. Normally I come into contact with people who've been raped/molested at a much older age then me, or by some family friend or stranger, or boyfriend. I've gone through just about all of that with extra drama. I noticed that it makes me kind of mad when people complain about their life even when it's really really bad or at least to them it's extremely horrible. I guess it's jealousy, that I had only gone through what they did my life would be so much easier.


Takego Peace <3