||Once upon A Time...There Was This Black Man Who Somehow Woke Up In Jamie McDonald's Hotel Room, She Told Him What Happened Last Night...And Liked It So, He Jumped Out The Window, And Starts Walking Down The Street. As he Was half Wa Down The Highway, Officer Stephanie Desiatnyk Pulls Him Over And Asked Him To Get On The Ground...He Refused And Offers Her Fried Chicken. She Refuses, And Taisers Him, While Charging Him For Indecent Exposure, (he was too small) Public Urination, And Offering Grease To An Officer. He Escaped..As he Took her taiser And Walked Into The River, Forgeting To Turn It Off...Then, He Finds Himself in Taco Bell, Using Angel Gibbon As His daughter To Fly Back To Canada..Where Jessa Page Banished Him There For Teaching His Grandma The Computer and Failed...So, Later went back to Sleep on main street, where he found a lovely sofa...that somehow got launched in to Nicole Desiatnyk's bedroom...and somehow yet again found himself...being bitten in the YAHOO thanks to a stray dog...pantless. Officer Desiatnyk Burst into the room and yelled he's under arrest again, for indecent exposure in public. His Plea

"I was dressed in public...The Dog Undressed me on the way here...That's rape....ARREST IT!"

To be continued