... thought you aught to know.

*giggle* Okay, I'll be the first to admit that looking for advice of any kind in a Gaia thread is just asking for trouble, but damn if I don't harbor the hope that someday I'll find some Gaian out there who actually has helpful things to say instead of just trolling for gold. So there I was, once again, posting a question to the Lifestyle Discussion... long story short, the flatmate was emotionally hurt by her current guy's thoughtless words and actions, so I thought I'd post the question to the LD. Apparently, I'm a psychotic closet lesbian who needs to mind her own damn business. Hee... They totally missed the point, but it brought the flatmate great amusement. I could have explained more, but it would have been this crazy-huge WALL OF TEXT and no one would have read it. I could have made it simple, but... you know me. I feel one needs to know all the facts before making a call on something.

It makes me laugh that so many Gaians are on the offending boy's side. If they only knew him... classic.

Anyway, I do believe from here on out I'll go on posting nonsense and take my questions elsewhere.