While passing by a restaurant, I saw a OMFG expulsing everyone from there.I frozen at that instant! eek Never saw one of that size before! Suddenly, i heared people say that there was still someone in there, riskin' his own life, trying to hide.
Dind't thought twice and I said "I'm goin' in!". I really expected some good luck recommends, but, instead, i was called a crazy guy, a nut, and stuff like this... stare
In the restaurant, there was this guy, curled in a wall corner, surrounded by the monster. Seein' this, Mourice jumped outta my head and started attackin' the OMFG! My Fluff is really mstrong, I might say!
When the monster was rising again, I pulled out my bat and smashed him on his head! SMAAASH! Gratefull, the guy introduced himself, saying his nickname was Goblin, and he decided to come along. Seeing that he was not that reliable, i only accepted if he were useful for my quest...
Anyway, I think I already saw him, but I'm not quite sure... confused

I'll keep contact.

Souto1 wink