Valentine's Day

In the middle ages young people would pull the names of their valentines out of a bowl.They would then wear the names on their sleeves for a week. In some countries young women would receive a piece of clothing from their suitors. If she kept it it meant she accepted their marriage proposal. To be awoken by a kiss on Valentine's Day is lucky. Also on this day, for ladies, the first male name you hear or read will be the name of your future husband. Seeing a squirrel on this day means you will marry a cheapskate. Seeing a goldfinch means you will marry a millionaire. If you see a robin you will marry a crime fighter. Seeing a flock of doves is the sign of a future happy and peaceful marriage. If you find a glove on the road today ladies your future husband will have the other matching glove.

Chinese New Year

It is good luck to do your cleaning before the new year but don't clean on it or you will sweep your luck away. Don't buy new shoes during the new year holiday or you may end up in rough water. It is important to pay off last year's debts or you may stay in debt all year. Red is a very lucky color during this time.It represents wealth, happiness, and life. Eating sweets will bring a sweeter year. Open your windows to let in good luck. Sharp objects will cut out your good luck so pack them away for the day. Stay away from negative behavior because what you do today can influence the rest of the year. Eat noodles for longevity and fish for success. Buying books is bad luck because the word for book is a homonym for the word to lose.