Human overpopulation is a huge issue. We're taking up a lot of land, water, and resources. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, human overpopulation endangers approximately:

• 12 percent of mammals
• 12 percent of birds
• 31 percent of reptiles
• 30 percent of amphibians
• 37 percent of fish

There are many ways that you can help out though.

-Have two or fewer children. Two children replace their parents, making the population stay relatively stable. Three or more children, on the other hand, significantly contribute to the overpopulation issue.

-Spread the word. Write about it on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Gaia, or anywhere else that you frequent.

-Donate. If you have cash, make a donation to an organization like the Center for Biological Diversity.

-Volunteer. The Center for Biological Diversity is handing out condoms in really neat boxes with overpopulation information printed on them. If you have an appropriate place to distribute condoms (a college class, a clinic, a concert, etc.), you can volunteer to do so. Mine came in the mail today!

-Visit and to learn more, see the artwork on the condom boxes, sign up to volunteer, or to enter to win condoms for life!