Valentines Day is almost here. Here are some last minute tidbits relating to finding love for the single people who don't want to be alone Sunday.

Wild daisies under your pillow will make you dream of your groom. Take your shoe laces and soak them in water. Throw them at your wall. The shape they stick to the wall as will be the initials of your son to be betrothed. Twist the stem of an apple. For each turn say a letter of the alphabet. The letter that the stem breaks on will be the first letter in the name of your future lover. Catch a ladybug and release it. The direction it flies is the direction you future husband will come from. Tie a blue satin ribbon around your ankle. This will result in a kiss by the end of the day. Write the name of the people who might be future mates on hazel nuts. Make sure it is one per nut. Roast the nuts over a fire. The first to pop is your future lover. Before going to bed name the corners of your room with the people who you think might like you to. The first one you look at in the morning is the one who loves you the most. If you find a one leaf clover you will get a letter from your sweetheart. If you drop a dishrag your lover will come to you soon. Cut your fingernails on Saturday so that you will see your sweetheart on Sunday. If you drop your comb while combing your hair you will see your sweetheart before it gets messed up again. If you drop a knife your true love will come to see you. A tablespoon dropping is a sign that your lover is coming. To see your lover in your dreams but a mirror under you pillow. I know there are lots more so share your own if you have some.