The one that holds me dearest to their heart
Is the one I know I'll always be apart
I know that we'll never be apart
No matter how long we have to wait to start.

The one I love I've known all along
He's always been there when everyone had gone
He's the one that I'll adore, and the one I'll want to keep for good
He'll always be the one that could.

Hes' important to me now
I know he'll always make me proud
I'll love him forever
I know I'll lose him never.

He's the special guy thats in my life
I know he'll keep me away from the knife
He's there when I need to cry
He's what makes me try.

He's one amazing guy
He is the one that brightens my sky
He's my Shining sun
But he knows his job here is done.

We'll be together through thick and thin
He'll always be there again and again
He's the one I hold dearest to me
We'll both always be oh so free.