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Katlin's bordom Experiment
i get bored at school. so this is a way to not be bored. yes i look a lot like my avatar. if i end up with wings then probably not anymore
What I believe
I'm not very explicit with what i believe most of the time and i've decided to put everything i believe and think in this thread.

first of all, i am a Christian. not in the "i just say i am because i don't have anything else to believe". no. that's not me. i'm not a Bible thumper, but i have read it through at least twice. Jesus Christ is the ONLY Son of God, and he's the ONLY way to heaven. and if you don't believe in him in the sense that you let him take COMPLETE control over your life you will live a miserable unfulfilled life after which you will spend in hell. you can give me your "proof" that he doesn't exist, but i have a proof no one can take away from me. i feel him in my spirit and in my soul. i have a joy that even if i feel as though the world is ending, i have a joy that will save me and that is Christ. so obviously that influence what i think and say.

i'm pretty conservative in the sense that i think that the Government shouldn't be giving handouts to people who don't deserve it. we're the only country in the entire world that the biggest problem facing our "needy" is obesity.

but that's not to say i don't volunteer. i help with habitat for humanity and everything else. i believe in helping those who can't help themselves (special Olympics, ect.)

i am Pro-Life. I don't believe in abortion, but I also don't believe in banning it either. I wouldn't want women dieing in a back alley way somewhere, but I also hate the idea of the poor undeserving unborn child being killed because they're an "inconvenience." I just wish people would use birth control or be more open to adoption.

and i do believe in the death penalty for murders and child molesters. why should the taxpayers pay for people to remain in a system for life when they deserve death? a life for a life and we need to protect our children. i don't think it should take years either. if you get the death penalty then you should be lined up as soon as your convicted and shot. and i know what you're thinking "how can you not believe in abortion if you believe in the death penalty?" well first off that child did nothing other than be created by a selfish pair of people, murderers are murderers, and child molesters/rapists killed that child's innocence. completely different.

i am not for gay marriage. i'm not going to push people into what i believe, but it's what i believe. -shrugs- BUT, I don't advocate hating someone or punishing someone for being homosexual. I don't believe that defines someone. No more then the fact that I like eating grapes defines me. One quality does not define a whole person's identity

i am a virgin and will remain so until i get married. i was abused and i fought for it, but i saved it and i believe it is sacred. i will be pure until i am wed. but watch out after those vows are said it won't be for long wink

so this is basically how i feel about things in case you wanted to know. i'm not going to push this on people, but it's what I know to be true. if you have any questions PM me. lol

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darkness angel
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu May 06, 2010 @ 04:49pm
I like how you're not the type of Christian that judges other people!
You are SO cool! I would love to meet you in person, but I find that kind of hard and risky.. because I don't really know you that well yet. I've met some people on my friend's list who were from Guam and most of them were "creepers".. even the girls were kind of creepy in a weird sort of way.

And it's nice to know that there are girls who want to keep their virginity until marriage.
I find that very nice. For religions... I don't know where I stand. I started to go to church with my sister, but I only go, because I like the sermons. The pastor is really funny. My parents are both Buddhists. My sister has a problem with that.
But I don't. My boyfriend and his mom are Catholics and they don't have a problem with that.. so I really don't understand why my sister is so against it.

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