This is the first time I'm putting anything here, but what can I say I never had any real need for it. But I'm a very crappy friend. I had this really good friend in high school, we did everything together, sure we got into a few arguments like everyone else. She learned not to though, 'cause she found me to be scary whenever I got mad. Ha. But when we graduated she joined the military and went off to booth camp. I hear it's like hell there, so she sent me a letter asking me to write back to her and tell the rest of our friend's addresses so they can write back and forth. It took me a while to get started writing the letter, three in a row, one after the other. I left them on my bed, stepped out of the room for a few minutes, come back to find out my two rabbits pissed and s**t on my papers. I never had an urge to hurt an animal. but I felt like doing it bad then, I didn't I was just really angry at them. But after that never rewrote them. Six pages torn and ruined. And plus I never knew the other's addresses, so that just made it all the more bad. And I don't know her number to give her a call. To this day I haven't spoken to her yet to tell her how sorry I was and still am. Cause I weren't there when she needed me the most. I hope she can forgive me.