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Willow The Wanderer's Journal
The rambles of a wanderer
"About Two... And a half." Lexaeus thought about it, watching Vexen groom a now slightly flustered Marluxia's knuckles, "One in the begining, another one during the night, and he managed to sneak one from another brush as we headed back to try and find the main group.. Luxord lost the bet?"

Marluxia deflated slightly, "...Bloody hell how did everyone know it before me? Apparently I swing both ways and only realized it.."

Lexaeus smiled slightly, readjusting Zexion, who as they had fallen further away from the plants was not struggling as much, just holding a hand out in the distance at the escaping meal, "Most of us are queer or as you are."

That made the botonist raise an eyebrow, confused -- Lexaeus didn't exactly strike him as the queer sort, nor did their zoologist.
When Marluxia deflated Vexen turned and cuddled up against his sholder, embaressed that he'd been too affectionate, but since the others had figured it out as well, it would have been difficult to hide it.
"The tall one- Xaldin? He smelled like he'd been very close to the short gray one- Zigbar? for a long time."
Lexaeus snorted a little, as Zexion finaly relaxed, into a half dose.
Marluxia flushed prettily, wishing he had known this before hand, "... I suppose my being more accepting of them and not understanding why people mistake the letter of a single man telling people not to do so much of it got turned into making it horribly sinful by the rest of the Christian religion, and thus was horrible, sinful, insanity... While in places like Polynasia they have the third child be a girl, no matter what gender they are... They call them savages and yet they live almost like they would on Eden before we came into their land..." He sighed, thinking about it, "Surrounded in beautiful plants, the bounty of the land and of the ocean providing for them.. There are dangers, but its a simple life....." He paused, getting an odd expression on his face, before squeezing Vexen's hand affectionately -- Vexen didn't wish to live here, but perhaps if things didnt work in England, He could sell everything and They could move to the simplicity of that island paradise.
Vexen rather liked, the thoughtful, whistfull expression on Marluxia's face. He squeesed Marluxia's hand in return.
"Do not mistake." Lexaeus said. "It is more common than any good churchgoer might think, but it is not accepted. We are a small fellowship that is fortunate in that we can trust eachother with the secret."
Marluxia smiled slightly, "well... I suppose then most of us can find sanctuary to be ourselve in our own homes, and perhaps in each others?" He smiled softly over at Vexen, and kissed the scientist on the cheek, before they returned to their travel back to the campsite, "...So, Xaldin and Xigbar..... Who are you with if you dont mind my asking."
Lexaeus blinked mildly.
"My closest companion; my dearest friend." he said simply. And if that wasn't obvious enough he patted Zexion's back. "Though in his right mind he wouldn't want me to tell, even if you do know; He's a private person. He prefurs his buisness to remain his buisness. But we rent a house together, back home, at the university."

The mars of energy slowly faded slightly, but remained in existance, looking weaker but refusing to go down any further. Lumaria watched Vexen with curiously, chewing on his lip as he found Vexen wearing the goggles in a strange level of attractiveness. After it was done, he sat up slightly, "...Well...? Did it work?"
Vexen sighed, frowning a bit.
"No. not quite It's rather like erasing pencil written by someone who presses too hard. Most of it is gone, but you can still tell where it was." He looked at Lumaria trhough the googles, and shok his head. "I can only hope that it makes whatever this is less severe, rather then simply putting it off." He gave a small smile. "Now, I think you know how to run this? So you can observe my scans?"
("I know how to run the smaller portable version you gave Marked... If you want to know a christmas gift for him, he'd love one of these." Lumaria slide ot the side and then leaned forward suddenly, Hovering just outside of Vexen's aura, freezing slightly -- He was about to kiss the man to try and comfort him, but realized they hadn't confirmed they werent contagious to non-wonderlandian immortals

Instead, he slid down from it and sat near the controls, "..Oh yeah, the controls are identicle to the portable, this should be easy. Care to hop on?"
{"A Large scanner for his lab?" Vexen said thoughtfully, as he climbed on and lay down. He hadn't seemed to notice Lumaria's aborted affectionate gesture. "actualy, I was thinking I'd liek to try buidling one based on Larxene's designs. I'll see if I can do that." Lying back he closed his eyes and exhaled, trying to relax. For this scanner, it didn't matter, but it was force of habit.}
("Yes -- the portable is useful, but this seems to have a much bigger database and simulation capabilities.. Would allow him to do more dangerous tests without actually risking someone." Lumaria started the scan, ".. I've learned these actually take better scans if you move a little at least -- Care for me to run you through my scanner excersizes?" wink
{Vexen turend his head and opened his eyes. "... not terribly, but tell me about them anyway- What do they entail? Are they simple streaches or something more. I would think that given the very basic energy can that we're looking for a full range of movement wouldn't be nessecery- some scans it is better; to get a better idea of the energy feild."

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