Name -- Skyler Stark
Age -- 20-24
Birthdate -- July 19
Gender -- Male
Sexual Orientation -- Straight
Appearance -- His hair is brown and almost shoulder length, with bangs that barely start to go over his eyes. His hair is straight and his face is clean shaven. He usually wears a zip up hoodie that is light brown/tanish and has tribal like designs on the sides. A plain t-shirt is usually worn under the hoodie. He usually wears shorts that come down to just past his knees though he sometimes wears jeans. He wears nothing but Converse's, high tops, low tops, any color pretty much. He also has a pair of headphones that are usually around his neck or on his head if his hood is down. He has a muscular build and is around 6'2" tall. (He looks similar to this guy. Link will go away when I get art)
Personality -- Skyler is a very active individual and also very creative. His passion for art doesn't stop on the canvas, it continues onto the streets. He loves graffiti art, the kind that produces bright and vibrant pictures and names. Even though it is thought of as vandalism Skyler will, if given the opportunity, tag the side of a dull gray building. Skyler also disciplines himself as well by practicing parkour. Skyler is also outgoing and social, he enjoys meeting and talking to new people. He also suffers slightly from insomnia which tends to fuel his need for social interaction which is why he likes to go out at night.
Bio -- Varies from one RP to the next
Interests --
~City Nightlife/Night Clubs
~Music with a beat
Dislikes --
~Heavy Metal

More to come later.