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Inou is Sesshoumaru's and Inuyasha's younger sister. They didn't know about her for 10 years until they fought at there father's grave and found her asleed next to the tensagu. When the sword was removed by Kagome, she awoke and quickly running over to Sesshoumaru and hid behind him. As the fight draged on though she became tired of them fighting in the present of there father(see pic of her and inuyasha on photobucket to understand) and throw them back away from each other and telling them to stop. Kagome was surprise at her strenght for only be 10 years of age and asked why she made them stop. Her only answer was that sh didn't enjoy the fight infront of her father. Without saying another word Sesshoumaru disappeared with Inou and left there fathers grave. Inuyasha didnt see her for 2 years until she came across his path and tackled him to the ground in a hug.