Well, I have a bit of interesting news for anyone who actually bothers to read my journal. Picarri and her boyfriend of four years have broken up. In less than two weeks she will be packing up and moving to California. For those who don't know, Picarri does have a son who will be turning 2 very soon. And as much as it breaks my heart, I will be leaving him behind. I know it may not be the greatest choice, but I've thought it over and I've come to the conclusion that it's what would be best for both of us. I'm not capable of being the mother he needs me to be, nor am I even capable of really taking care of myself. By relocating myself I intend to take the opportunity to better who I am as a person, and learn to take care of myself. In time, I'll learn what I need to know to care for my son. I understand that this choice could make him hate me as he grows up, and it's a risk I have to take. I feel that it's better to hate me for the choices I made rather than the love that I couldn't give him when he needed it. So, for all who care, Picarri is taking a big step towards becoming the person she feels she needs to be. All I ask is for the love and support of my friends during this, my most trying time.