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I'm a girl. I'm a teen. There's this guy. I have a bestie. I'm girlie. I'm weird. I write. Deal with it.
The Third Episode of "Tessi's Goodie Good Life!"
-Sigh- Yeah, unfortunately I've rediscovered this little saga I've got going on here.. so I firgure, what the hell?
Well, in the past year.. I'm still living with my Dad and Step-Mom.
My whole family is ******** psycho.. and that includes me.
My sister stills smokes pot, and BETTER YET I have figured out my dad SELLS it to her.
Great role model, right?
Oh, well. I hate them all.
Not really, they're okay, sometimes.
If you've read my past entries, I know you must realize how much of a loser I am.
I completely understand.
I was a whiny, apathetic, illiterate, wannabe emo kid.
Ugh, it's so annoying.
I'm still a loser.
I remember a few days ago missing being cool at least on the internet.. but I now realize I never had that.
Even though, those days back then were fun times.
Yannie, Alex, Justin.. yeah, good times.
Sorry, I'm sounding emo again.
I'm not anymore though.
This boy, I'm very close to.. let's just call him, my Valentine.
Well, my Valentine was the only person to care that I cut.
My family doesn't even give a s**t.
And we had a pretty deep talk, and I promised him I'd never cut again.
I'm in awe with him. <3
But, anyway, my sister Katie never ended up going to college.
She's just living with her pot-head boyfriend who doesn't work, and spends every moment of his life lighting a doobie.
I really miss her.
My step-sister Rhianna is very violent towards me, and every time I piss her off, she threatens to hit me. She has hit me once.
Mike's hit me once.
With a belt.
Across my arms and back.
It didn't leave a mark, so it's not 'illegal'.
Somehow, that translates in his mind as 'morally sound'.
He's verbally abusive to my step-mom, who I love like a mother.
She has Lyme's Disease and faints a lot.
She's fainted all the way down the stairs.
I'm afraid she's going to die, I don't want to lose another mom.
I'm a lot better in my singing, and I wish my mom was alive to hear me.
I'm never allowed to see my Uncle Roy again.. someone who's been more of a father figure to me than I've EVER had, because of something his pissed-off ex-wife framed him for many years ago.
Mike is an a*****e.
I'm losing my friends, the ones I have insult me daily.
The only true friend I have right now is my Valentine.
I really hope he doesn't leave me.
But, uh.. yeah.
That's it.
Thanks for reading, if you didn't fall asleep.
I'll update this thing eventually.
And.. ugh... tune in next time on another episode of..

"Tessi's Goodie Good Life!"
Ugh.. so pathetic.

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