So this is why you no longer talk to me.
You never thought to tell me that you've moved on.
Well maybe I should have too
Then again...
Maybe I can't

I don't want to forget you already
We've only known each other for a while
I always wanted to know you better
but you never talked to me....
you never talked to me!

When I spoke to you it was like
I was the whole wide world
When you talked to me
I felt like I was something special.
I thought we had something going on
I guess I was wrong
I was wrong!

Sitting all alone you walked into my life
like you came out of thin air
now I"m back to where I started from
How could you do that to me?

Maybe I was wrong to do this
Maybe I was wrong to belive in pixeliated love
Just yell and me and tell me I'm wrong
I promise I'll walk out
I 'll go away

....and I'll never come back.

I'm all alone now...
Back to where I started from.