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Panic's littly journal thingy-ma-jig Well, I guess I just saw that a few people had these things, and I got some time to kill. Here I suppose I will update you on my life and b***h about the things wrong with it. If you bother to read this I could be thankful and appreciative...or I may

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So it's Sunday. Which would be cool but the day is ALWAYS ruined by the knowledge of school tomorrow. Have you noticed that my faithful readers of zero? Well I have.

So I have to wake up at 5:45am-ish tomorrow for hopefully the last day of zero period. I need to bring the drop-out sheet to my teacher and hope she signs it. So wish me luck! *Crosses fingers*

Though I still don't even know if my councilor will accept the paper. *Cough* b***h *Cough* Because she wanted it on Wed. but we had no zero period during final days. (Wed. & Thurs. we also had Fri. off.) Plus she gets off @ fourth period before lunch. So there was NO WAY for me to catch her!

I mean if I can't get to the teach. I can't get them to sign crap. And she probably KNEW that.

So now the teacher is complaining about the days I missed, but that was because of excused absence or because it was too cold for me to walk to school so friggen EARLY. GRZ!

So that's what happened today.

Oh also did you see the Green Day performance of 21 gun? Well you know, sorta Green Days performance. It was VERY different. And are they really going to make a Broadway play of American Idiot?

I'm interested to see it and all, but what happened to original stories they could make movie rip offs of later on?! haha. But really like Sweeney Todd, or Repo? I mean, how do you make a play of a CD?

And the way then sang 21 guns...I don't know if it's an interesting new version or a massacre?

I'm just confused.


Till Another time & Thanks for the read.
☺ K.M. ☻

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Tue Feb 02, 2010 @ 07:42am

so...yeah i decided to read this THING you typed...and did you mean the counselor or Ms.McCall getting off at 4th...cause if you meant Ms.McCall....she has ******** sensation 5th so that would be wayy off....and yeah

and i posted this on your fb but they have ALREADY made the AI musical and its not got a plot, its singing, and dancing. not all musicals have a plot. but yes this is my comment that you are probly gunna either overlook or deleat...so yeah

<3 heather

User Comments: [1]
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