*A large armor clad man rode fast on the back of his jet black horse, black fire burned around it's feet as if by magic. The man wore silver and gold armor on his body with molds of skulls and demons in the metal, he wore a red hood with gold trim that turned into a tattered and shredded cape down his back. He has silver hair, glowing blue eyes, and strange markings on his forehead, his left arm is covered by a huge gauntlet that goes far up his arm it looked strange and it had a circle in the forearm with a glowing yellow skull that seemed to ooze dark energy. On his back was a huge sword made of dark metal it was sharp but definitely showed that it had been used in many battles, the blade was about 6 feet long and the handle was another foot and a half. Like the man's armor the sword had images of skulls and demons molded into it, and the blade itself seemed to glow red like blood. This man had seen many battles, killed many men, and was feared by many, with his blade known as The Chaos Eater and his horse Shadow Fire this man was the best in all the land.
Horse (Shadow Fire)
Sword (Chaos Eater)
(Kanon Dominion Wrath)