"I ... I... No. I can't do it. There is no way," she said. "You have to be lying to me. I can't believe it. Candy cannot be dead!" She collapsed on the ground and cried.

Leo bent down and helped her up. He held her as she sobbed. "I'm sorry Selee. I really wished I didn't have to tell you." They stood there until her sobs quieted.

She looked up at him. He could still see her eyes were wet. "Do you know how? Or even who?"

He shook his head. "They think maybe poison. Ally is running a tox screen now." He led her over to the closest chair, which happened to be his, and had her sit.

"Candy was always there for me almost like a sister. Why her? What did she do wrong?" She hid her face in her hands and started to cry again.

Leo rubbed her back reassuringly. He understood her pain. The team arrived in the squadroom and looked at them curiously. "Later," he told them. He walked over to her desk and pulled out a small stuffed bear she had in her desk. He handed it to her. She gripped it tightly.

"I'll be right back, ok?" She nodded and tried to calm herself down. She motioned for the team to follow him. He stopped them just far enough to be out of Selena's earshot but close enough to hear her.

"Not thirty minutes after Selena left her friend, Candy, after having lunch with her, she collapsed unexpectedly. Local LEOs are letting us have the case."

The team was shocked by the news. Celia said, "She must be taking it hard. She once told me how close they were."

"Help her," Leo told them. "She will be a wreck for a while. I will make her come home with me so she doesn't do anything stupid tonight." They nodded and looked in her direction.

"I just hope she is ok," Adam said.