Drake Kishmaed: He is a gentleman in most cases. Don't mess with his temper, though. It's something to be reckoned with. All that he knew initially was he fell from the sky. Once wakening, however, he discovered he knew nothing of his origin. All that was next to him, other than his clothing, was his sword: an onyx broadsword with a slight blue glow, and his top hat.

Wyatte Cateran: He is Nayru's son with the God of Darkness: Midnight. Wyatte is named after the brother that died. Though Wyatte is the splitting image of Midnight, there is one key difference: There are golden ribbons within his eyes that give him the power of foresight. Other than that, the only thing that makes him unique is the fact that he's more than likely found hunched over with his arms tucked into his chest.

when i think of more bios, I'll post them here.