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Just a journal of random happenings, thoughts, guides, and moar for your lulzy entertainment.
Another Anti Religion journal, yay gold!
So I'm going to do a mini rant here because I was just recently inspired watching the movie Religulous and by what a customer did the other day.

We'll start with the customer. This nice woman walks in, all pleasant with her "oh, how is your day, how are you doing" rountine? Buys smokes, gas, all the goodies then proceeds to hand me a religious pamphlet telling me "have some bible verses, god bless." Since she was nice, I did the nice thing and tore it up after she left.

But before shredding into a couple pieces and giving it a proper burial in the garbage can, I took a look at it. The one thing that hit me first was the line IF YOU DIED TODAY ARE YOU 100 PERCENT SURE YOU WOULD GO TO HEAVEN? when I opened it. I did make a quick joke out loud when the lady was looking at the newspapers in front of me (it's a little ways away from the counter where I was at so I don't think she heard me.) and said "No, I'm a goth, I'm pretty sure I'm NOT going to heaven."

The pamphlet gives a brief diagram of a stick figure standing on a cliff with the word MAN under him and is seperated from the other side of the cliff with the word GOD on the other side, supposedly simulating that sin seperates man from god and that the way of jesus can bring you closer to god...blah blah religious nonsense.

On the other side of this engaging piece of work is the constant self promoting of the particular church this was advertising. It might as well have bluntly stated GO TO OUR CHURCH OR GO TO HELL! It told the ways to "save" yourself like going to confession and the like all with the happy undertone of "oh but go to OUR church to do it because if you don't, YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't all these churches worship the same god? What's the difference of my "soul being saved" if I go to this church versus that one? The answer. Absolutely nothing at all. Other than the this church is holier than this one attitude. Seems prideful to me. Last I checked, Pride was still one of the seven deadly sins. Still is.

I'm instantly reminded of a quote my ex, whom I do respect, both him and whomever he chooses to worship, said once. My friend Spencer and I got into one of our famous questioning God's existance discussions (or something like that, hell if I remember now) and somewhere along the line we got into discussions of how the Christian religion disapproves of the gays. My ex piped up with this interesting quote: "Oh, not like we Christians, those are more the Catholics."

Again I bring the point that Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, don't they all respect the same god? Or did I miss something here?

It's one of the reasons I stopped believing in god and religion all together. It's too riducolous to comphrehend.

And most (hint; I said MOST) Christians, who yell at everyone telling them they're sinners and don't follow the word of Jesus, are making hypocrites of themselves. I heard a very good quote that's in a picture I have on my computer (too lazy to upload it at the moment): "Each week, millions and millions of upper class American citzens put on expensive dress clothes, load themselves into SUV's and drive past homeless shelters, orphanages, prisons, missions, and halfway houses on their way to a very expensive and nice church where somebody tells them how to be more like Jesus."

Greed's still a sin too. And this is the thought Bill Maher raises in his movie Religulous (which is a REALLY great movie, you should check it out, it'll definitely make you think) For those of who haven't seen it, it's a documentary where comedian Bill Maher goes on a journey across the country exploring the aspects of the Bible and Christianity in a not so safe yet comedic way. In one of his many interview segments he has with various pastors and the like, he talks to one who has this famous church, raises all this money from "empowering" DVDs and dresses in fancy suede shoes and nice suits, wears gold jewelry and Rolex watches and claims that the "people want to see a pastor look good." then proceeds to liken himself to the saint Peter, who actually didn't dress in fancy suits and wear expensive watches, he dressed in rags.

Funny huh? It's a sin to be greedy except when you're in a nice fancy church or you're a rich pastor. Exceptions, exceptions.

I could go on and on and I think later on I might. But really, that's just my two cents. But maybe I make a mockery of myself, I used to go to church. Yeah, that was back when I was dating my then boyfriend, who plays bass for his church. Not to say it wasn't full of nice people, it was. Everyone there doesn't look at you like an abomination if you decide to dress in black and they smile and say hi like they mean it. It's the ideas they preach that make me uncomfortable. It takes me back to the days when I was little and my dad used to make me go to church with him every Sunday and I hated it. I even spat out the holy bread one time because I thought it tasted gross. (Little goth kid in the making, LOL.) Except when I was little, I just didn't like it cause I was an ADD kid and it was boring. Nowadays, it's uncomfortable because I can't bring myself to believe something if there's no solid proof it exists. The Bible, which someone else wrote thousands of years ago, is not solid proof. It was not written by God or Jesus or anyone even remotely close to them.

I have my own God, it's Marilyn Manson. I know he exists cause there's proof of him. I've seen him with my own eyes. I find my savior and my preaching for the day in the words he writes, the songs he sings. I can believe in him because I know he's there.

Don't get me wrong, I respect anyone that believes in God. Or in Buddha. Or in the various gods of the Hindu religion. Or whomever. It's part of the Constuition, "Freedom of Religion." I extend that respect in only that it's not offensively shoved in my face. I don't force anyone to believe in Manson (it's just a freakish obsession. LOL)

I don't know, I guess religion in itself is its own big question and the true meaning of it has been warped and twisted by man and has therefore been lost on us forever. Sad thought really. Now let's have a discussion if you read this. Not a flame war. a discussion. Anyone who flames will have their comments deleted and will be banned. No warning. Just delete then banhammer.

The Manson Chick
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