Do to food shortages we have seen a lot of sightings of today's subjects. Let's look at deer.

Deers can be seen in a lot of different mythology. In Celtic mythology deer were mystical creatures that were herded and milked by a fairy giantess. The giantess could shape shift into a red deer. The stag was the symbol for the Celtic god, Cernunnos. Also known as ' The Great Horned One" he was often portrayed with horns. He was the god of the forest and wild animals. He was also seen as the god of plenty. In France Saint Giles was said to have been with a deer during his years as a hermit. The deer was said to provide him with milk. Several other stories of saints involve deers who are said to have crucifixes in their antlers. In Greek deers are associated with the virginal huntress, Artemis. In one story when Actaeon saw her bathing nude in a pool he was transformed into a stag that was killed by his own hounds. In Hindu Mythology the goddess of learning, Saraswati, takes the form of a red deer. Learned mean use deer hides as clothes and mats to sit on. In Shinto deers are messengers to the gods.