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OC: T.K. Velvett<<<<
Whole Name Travis Kennedy Velvett(Vel-vay)
ReferencesTattoo Twenty-one Year Old T.K. and Fifteen Year Old T.K.
Age: 21
Skin Tone: A golden/red tan
Height six foot and one inch
Hair: Black and shiny.
Eyes: A dark, honey hazel color.
>>>>>Tattoo and Markings: He has a mole under his left eye. (Our right on the paper.)
Style: Cut, so it's even with his ears, stick straight.
Clothing Style: It's cheap and masculine. Always a plain T-shirt, if he seems a need to dress up, he'll put on a pin striped vest. He wears jeans, rather form fitting and either a black or brown belt. His shoes are muddy work boots or off-white tennis shoes.
Note: He always has a Pepsi belt buckle, the words is in red.
Little Know Facts: His grand father on his father's was pure Native American, where he got his looks. With T.K. not knowing his father well, he doesn't know for sure what blood line he is.
Staples: His tattoo, mole, and belt buckle.
For the Artists His clothes are pretty simple, T-shirt and jeans, just make sure you include the tattoo. Also, he has two gold earing in his right ear on paper, left ear for him. (opposite of the mole.)
Hobbies: Working on cars, keeping tabs on Ala (she doesn't talk to him so he uses his old friends), and billiards.
School GradeGraduate

A bit of a back story: T.K., also previous called Teddy by Ala, lived in the bad side of town, with his mother and two younger siblings, one four years and one two years younger than him, both boys. His father walked out on then when Travis's mother was three months pregnant with the third child, he was only for at the time.

He grew up a thief and quick. T.K. tried to cut corners so his mom wouldn't worry about him as much. He never stole anything big, just lunch cakes and supplies here and there from the other students. By the time he was in the third grade over half the students had figured out to stay away from him.

When he hit middle school, he'd began hanging out with the bad crowds, but he was still a good kid, he hated to see his mother cry over him. T.K. stayed in his own little group, until he was held back his eighth grade year. He was at middle school assembly on the first day of school, when a blonde came up to him and sat down a grinning with straight, white teeth

That was when he met Alabaster James and Reese. Later that day as lunch she sat down with him, acting like it was no big deal. T.K. tried to talk her out of hanging around with him, that it'd make people think bad of her, when she looked at him and grinned, saying ' I have no use for them, if you're around to talk to'.

She was twelve and he was fifteen, but no one said a word to them, T.K. waited until Ala, was thirteen before he asked her out, after he'd met her family, she of still been a kid, but he knew how things were supposed to go.

They stayed together for two years, they went through a lot, but it ended after T.K. moved away after his mother remarried, in his new town he ended up sleeping with a girl a couple months after he relocated. Of course he told Ala, but she ended it and hadn't talked to him sense. He keeps tabs on her through his old buddies.

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