It is a handy tool to have around the house especiall in the kitchen. Today we are going to look at the knife.

Knives have been used since ancient times. Because of it's role as one of mankind's first tools some cultures have attached spiritual and religious significances to it. A knife placed under the bed of a women giving birth is said to ease the pain. A knife stuck into the headboard of a cradle is suppose to protect a baby from harm. I for one worry about the baby harming itself. Some Anglo-Saxon burial rites include knifes to protect the departed in the after life. In Greece a black handled knife under a pillow is suppose to chase away nightmares. laying a knife across another piece of cutlery was thought of as a sign of witchcraft as early as 1646. One common belief is not to give a knife as a gift because it will sever the relationship. To counter act this something like a penny should be given as payment. It is common to attach the penny to the gift so that the penny can be given back. You are not suppose to stir with knives since it could bring strife. Some culture believe that a knife must taste the blood of it's owner before it truly belongs to them. They p***k themselves to prevent more serious cuts later own.